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So I took today off because I wanted to confirm that the dripping sound I've been hearing after I run the sinks in the bathrooms was nothing to worry about. I checked out plumbers on Yelp and found one that was highly rated so set up an appointment for today. The guy showed up late but at least I got a call to tell me when he would be arriving.

At any rate it turns out the sound is perfectly normal and doesn't indicate a leak, so yay. Just to be thorough, though, the guy turned off the water and then opened up the faucets to just check that everything was ok. It seemed to be until we noticed the water was coming out brown. He thought it might be possible I might need a new hot water heater. I know that sounds terrible, but as everything in the house is covered by a warranty for the first year it wouldn't have actually been that bad so I didn't panic or anything.

After checking the age of the water heater, though, he quickly realized what the problem was. I've got very hard water, which is no big shock as pretty much everyone out here does, but in addition to that the former owner hadn't been doing simple yearly maintenance which includes attaching a hose to the water heater and emptying it out. He showed me the process then quizzed me on it to make sure I understood it and it's dead easy. Seriously, a well trained monkey would have no problem doing this but the last owner apparently couldn't be bothered.

And, you know, I didn't think my opinion of the guy could lower any further.

Anyway the plumber suggested not cooking with the water directly from the tap, which I don't do anyway but I'm going to make sure I don't use it for the cats' water bowls either. It does explain the reddish/brown stains I'd noticed on the showerhead and washer *sigh*.

On the plus side, no major problems and I now know how to properly maintain the water heater and the plumber pointed out the emergency water shut off to me and showed me how to turn it off in case of an emergency.

Still, gah!
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I'd been planning a relaxing Labor Day but you know what happens when you plan stuff. Anyway one of my neighbors stopped by last night to ask me to cut back the overgrowing bushes on my property. So I got up around 9 thinking I'd just take a good 10 minutes or so then run out and do some errands and maybe grab a little breakfast.

Two and a half hours later I'd finally beaten the damn things back as my neighbor Carol (a very nice older woman) kept me company and told me all kinds of things about the previous owner. I came to a very important decision while hacking through the wall of some sort of climbing rose-type bush with thorns as long as a fingernail, all of those things have got to go. It'll make me happy and Carol happy as well. They serve no function, I can't even see them and I'm responsible for keeping them under control. If any locals know of decently priced landscapers please ping me.

I also came to the conclusion that the former owner, who I'd originally thought just had bad taste inside the house, was beyond incompetent outside it as well. Seriously, he couldn't have made worse or more tragic decisions when it comes to plants and trees. I have a very strong urge to just have everything ripped out and start all over again. A few nice little, easy to care for lilac bushes would be infinitely better.

Owning a house is lovely in a lot of ways, but ye gods it's a money pit. Even the newer, nicer ones.

And of course, to make my morning complete, Pye had vomited in the living room again and the ants staged a secondary invasion. As I was getting rid of the mess and cat food plates they started attacking the trash again so that had to go out as well. After that was settled I showered and ran over to the store to pick up some essentials. Then I finally got to eat, which was really nice and now the kitties are napping and a gorgeous breeze is flowing through the house. Once I finish the laundry I might try to fit in a short nap before [livejournal.com profile] cyranocyrano shows up. That sounds really nice right now...
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Quick update before I run off to dance practice. First the ant invasion has mostly petered off due to my policy of careful food clean-up, wiping over any and all chemical trails, and mild culling. I can't bring myself to go nuclear on entire ant civilizations so we're down to skirmishes. It is a great object lesson in exactly how much weather proofing I'm going to need to do on this place in the fall. *sigh*

On the plus side I just got a nice fat security deposit back from my old apartment. I'd like to once again thank everyone who pitched in to help clean the place, it more than paid off. Now if I can avoid any major expenses in the next few weeks I'm going to start feeling almost financially secure for the first time in a very long while.

And on a completely unrelated note, for those who've been watching this season's True Blood, can I just say that the vampire queen has become my new favorite character? Seriously, she's like my devastatingly cool/beautiful/immortal fictional alter ego. Love her, absolutely love her!
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Ok thanks to a weekend of hectic dashing here, there and everywhere I now not only have a house, but a new sofa so people will have a comfy place to sit in said house, and some of the little necessities (like a garden hose). I've also managed to take most of my clothing over and hang it neatly in one of my three closets. The walk-in in my bedroom could probably easily accommodate everything, but I like keeping my costumes separate.

My new garden is, well a mess, but I'm downright itching to get my hands on it. Indeed Sunday may well be devoted to nothing but puttering around outside.

Oh the plans I have...

Anyway, I've got a mover coming at 9:30 a.m. on Friday and Aelf is going to give me a hand with keeping the cats calm while I'm directing the whole thing and finishing up any last minute stuff. Then I'll need to run over to Comcast and drop off all my equipment. DirecTV will be coming to install my new satellite dish on Saturday morning between 8 and 12, and I just ordered DSL from AT&T which is only $19.99 a month. I'll need to go get a DSL modem at an AT&T store, but by midnight of Saturday I should have TV and 'Net and that's not too bad.

Now I do have one request for locals, would anybody be willing to lend a hand on cleaning up the old apartment Saturday afternoon? I don't think it'll take long, and I will be happy to supply pizza for those kind enough to help out. Let me know if you're game and I'll give you the details.

Oh and does anybody local have a ladder I might borrow? I have a whole lot of painting to do and gods help me the pink bathroom's ceiling has even been painted...
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Real quick update tonight, first Kage is continuing to improve by the day. I have to say the little girl just amazes me. I would've been prepared to swear just a little over a week ago that she'd never be able to adapt to living on 3 legs, but by the gods she's more than just coping...she's excelling. She even made it outside briefly last night, though it wore her completely out. She seemed to enjoy the fresh air, and she slept nice and soundly last night.

On the other hand, the house does not look like it's going to happen for me after all. The lenders backed out at the last second leaving me entirely high and dry. The broker's still making positive sounds, and [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf went above and beyond trying to help me out, but for naught, it would seem. I am attempting to view this as a classic lesson in non-attachment. At least now that I've gotten most of the stuff I'd set up for the move canceled, I can relax again and maintain a philosophical outlook. Everyone tells me I'm being very Zen about it, I'm choosing to take that as a compliment.

The downside is, of course, that I've packed away my entire life already. I cannot even begin to think about unpacking just yet. Not just yet.
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Another Kage update, I'm afraid. I'm going to be a bit single-minded for a bit, sorry. Anyway we had a bit of an issue last night involving a full bladder and Kage's confusion about just where she should empty it. She started on my bed, continued to pee in her own bed (?) and then realized there was a litter box, but collapsed just inside it. I talked to the vet tech about it today and she confirmed it was probably a) too many drugs and b) all the fluids she's been receiving over the past few days.

Anyway I cleaned up what I could last night and ended up sleeping curled up at the top of the bed to avoid the wet spot at the foot of the bed. I settled her onto a towel on the papasan cushion and she slept straight through the night (though I didn't, popping my head up to check on her every time she changed position). She's eaten twice already and Aelf even got her to drink some water earlier. I ran to the pet store and bought her a new heated blanket since she soaked her former bed through the cover and foam, I also picked up some puppy training pads just in case we have another accident tonight.

After relaxing all night and most of the day on the papasan I just went back and checked on her and she was right up on the bed again. There was some sunshine coming through the window right there and she looked happy as a clam. I really could not be more impressed with her handling of this surgery. She's just the most amazing animal, she really is.

I should also say that Pye is handling things *very* well. All the hard learned lessons from the last surgery have come in amazingly handy this time around. There's no aggression or inappropriate yowling/urinating. He has, in fact, been astonishingly good. I think it also helped that I took today off and could let him go outside for a bit. That let me open the bedroom door so Kage could see the outside too and get some fresh air. It calmed Pye down and perked Kage up, a total win-win.

And after two more insane requests from the lender (which I took care of earlier) the broker assures me we'll be official on Monday. For sure this time. *sigh*
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Escrow, apparently, has been achieved.

I am dizzy with both excitement and terror...
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The house buying process seems designed to drive me slowly batshit. I swear the broker contacts me roughly every 48 hours with an even crazier request. The latest is a copy of my actual social security card. Mind you I think the last time I saw the thing was in college. Who in the hell needs an actual copy of someone's social security card?


So anyway, this means I'm going to be hiking over to the social security administration office on my lunch break tomorrow to get a copy of said card. I have to think this won't be the last ridiculous request before the house is actually mine. I just keep telling myself it'll be worth it in the end.

Speaking of, I met with the owner of the park yesterday and though a bit overly chatty, I quite enjoyed it. I did find out I can put up the fence around my yard that I plan to and that Comcast does not cover the park so if anybody here goes with DirecTV and likes it, lemme know. They're in the forefront right now of my choices.

Also my new yard is going to require some serious work. There's a tree growing in front of my shed and two large black barrels that may, or may not, have been used for composting at some point. Also interestingly the people seem to have left a gorgeous little stone Buddha out there. I've always wanted one of those so I really hope they've abandoned it. I shall be very happy to adopt it :)
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A couple of quick things, first if you're a local you should totally check out the Bawdy Cast's live rendition of the 80's flick "Clue". We got to see it up in SF last night and it was an absolute delight. Of course it helps if you grew up loving the film, but I think just about anyone could enjoy it. Particular stand outs for me were there Wadsworth, Mrs. Peacock (her costume was picture perfect) and Mr. Green. They'll be playing in Morgan Hill next weekend and I'd happily go see them again.

Second, in not so great news I confirmed with the doc today that Kage's tumor is back with a vengeance. We discussed options like another surgery, amputation and just letting her enjoy what time is left to her. We agreed on the last option. She's happy and seems quite comfortable, is eating well and has maintained her weight. When that changes we'll revisit the options. She's basically lived to the human equivalent of her 80's, and that's a damn good life for anyone.

Third, I finally got almost everything together that needs doing for the house. I still have some faxing to do tomorrow, but I think most of the main hurdles have been jumped. I still have to get the appraisal done but the broker seemed to think that would be quick and easily handled. Let my current manager know what was going on and she was incredibly cool about it. Actually if anybody around here is looking for a good one bedroom apartment please let me know and I'll see what I can do to hook you up with mine.

My cats are currently taking naps and I find, rather oddly, that I'm making my way through Comcast's collection of free horror films. My only explanation is that I dozed for about 5 hours when we got in at about 3 this morning, then got up and started getting shit done, so I am crazy-ass tired right now. Still more to do, so I'll keep this short, as I'm about to run off again.

Is it weird that most of my dreams have involved things like painting my new bathroom, building a planter box in my new garden, and various household tasks at the house? Probably.
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Guess who got her loan approval today :D

Also this is a damn fine ad, wish they'd been running this sort of thing before the original vote, but better late than never. If you like it too please cross post!

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You know what's cool? Getting a message saying I am so totally approved for a house loan. Just need to check into the whole IRA thing tomorrow, wish me luck!

What else? When I play the "If I were writing House, this is how I'd end the season" game and then the writers actually do precisely what I was hoping they'd do. I mean practically scene for scene! I even called the guest appearances at the end! I was actually cheering aloud and pumping my fists in the air with glee. I won't say the ep was as good as last season's finale, but it was exactly what needed to happen and OMG I have no idea how they're going to resolve this next season. Wow.

What is not cool, however, is the latest update of iTunes. It appears to have broken my Podcasts which is annoying the hell out of me. Why do I ever agree to let them download updates? Why?

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The only thing I can say about this week's House is that it felt entirely too rushed. Very much like two or more episodes crammed into one. It left me feeling vaguely unsatisfied even though I liked quite a few elements of it and Hugh Laurie was, as always, brilliant. Also it has confirmed for me just how scary a place House's brain is. Really, really scary.

Anyway it struck me as decidedly "Eh."

What else is going on? Well, I haven't made this public knowledge yet, so here goes, I'm looking at houses. Yeah, I'm considering buying a house out here. Nothing fancy, just a little mobile home with enough space for me and the cats that I'd have a hope of paying off in the not too distant future. It does mean going into debt again, but if I could spend about the same amount to purchase a place as I do in rent, it'd be worth it. Fortunately [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf has agreed to give me a hand in the search and between our shared tastes and pragmatism I suspect we'll find something workable. In the meantime I'm in no huge rush to leave my current place. I like it here, love my little garden, even my neighbors are sweet and the location couldn't be better.

Still, it seems like now's the time to buy if I'm going to and my job seems pretty stable, so...

So that's what's been keeping me busy these days, sorry if I haven't been posting quite so much.
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Do you know what I love about Dr. G Medical Examiner? I mean aside from the fact that I love autopsy shows. She's so damn cheerful. In the current ep she actually chirped, "This was a really nicely done dismemberment!" I rewound the TiVo to confirm that she'd actually said that. Yep. She went on to say most were just so messy, but not this one. I couldn't help giggling.

Also really dug this week's House... )
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I am hard pressed to choose my favorite moment from tonight's episode of House, but if I absolutely had to... )
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I just spoiled myself on tonight's House, which may have been for the best as the very special episode is going to upset me profoundly. Apparently I'd missed some of the rumors for this season, so if you hear a plaintiff "Nooooooooo!" in about an hour you'll know why.


Anyway I'm home tonight from dance practice because a) I ate rather stupidly this weekend and my stomach is letting me know it, and b) because I also forgot to take my acid reducing medication this morning and that made an already unhappy stomach even worse. Interestingly I can handle the stomach pain more than the inevitable headache that comes along with it. Not sleeping last night did not help.

In other news Kage had a rough weekend. The vet told us to change her dressing every two days so we skipped Friday and on Saturday we did the usual bandage change. Unfortunately the new antibiotic ointment he'd prescribed had dried and hardened, sealing the gauze directly to the wound. Aelf and I were beside ourselves, but pushed through it, dunking her foot in a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution to eventually peel it off. Kage was in agony but was so brave about the whole thing, I couldn't have been prouder of her. We finally got it changed and went back to the old antibiotic ointment in addition to the collagen ointment he'd prescribed to keep things moist. We've also gone back to daily bandage changes which seems to be working. On the plus side the wound seems to be healing and smaller than it was. She's going into the vet's tomorrow just for a look-see and consult with the vet.

And speaking of Kage, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the "Kage Fund" that [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain organized, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I'll thank each of you separately, but I wanted to post a public thank you as well. It's a great weight off my shoulders.

And finally a big congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain and [livejournal.com profile] lizzzie_lou who got engaged on Saturday. Both were positively giddy when they arrived at the big engagement party that evening, and I don't think any of us could've been happier for them if we tried.
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Kage continues to improve and tonight actually both ate dinner in the kitchen for the first time since her surgery and just curled up in her heated bed in front of her heater. You honestly don't understand how much you appreciate the little things in life until they're taken away. I felt like throwing a party, I kind of still do.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to have her with me, but I'm determined to enjoy every second she's with me.

In other news [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf has seen a preview of the new "Cupid" series and apparently it's entirely underwhelming. Color me shocked. Why don't those bastards at ABC just release the original? Why? WHY?!

BTW, the people who wrote the promos lauding it as the "most romantic NEW show of the season" need to be punched directly in the gonads. Repeatedly. If they had an iota of honesty they'd admit it's "the most romantic show this network ran years ago with a superior cast and then viciously raped to death and never deigned to release on DVD for absolutely no fucking reason."

I know that's not quite as catchy...


Ok, two minutes in to the pilot episode and I'm burying my face in my hands. This is pathetic, just pathetic. That's it, I'm digging out my original series episodes, I need to get the bad taste out of my brain.

On the other hand the latest House episode is kicking ass. I love the way they're doing the diagnosis via yes and no questions, and Kutner proving he's the kinder, gentler heir apparent to House's diagnostic kingdom. The reveal on why House was in NY was quite interesting, though ultimately rather depressing (yeah, I know, shocker). And it looks like the next episode is a very special episode of House, M.D. That always makes me a little nervous. This season was a little wobbly, but has ultimately turned out strong, and I'm hoping they're not heading for another stumble.

To be honest, while I adore the show and could happily watch House sitting in an exam room for an hour enjoying his favorite soap (seriously, I could), I wonder how many more seasons they're going to attempt. I mean if you've got a character who you can't really allow to ever develop and change, one who's so delightfully damaged and brilliantly screwed up that you can't let him heal...well, there's only so far you can take his story.
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I can honestly say I've never heard a presidential speech that I've enjoyed more than President Obama's right now. His comment, "a deficit we inherited..." that got a roaring standing ovation from all the Dems in the place, had me hooting aloud as well. Good lord, I think I'm falling a little in love with the man right now. Well he's whispering sweet nothings in my ear, "Reform", "Regulation", "Health care", "Energy conservation", "No more tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs overseas, and the wealthiest 2% of Americans", "A responsible end to the Iraq war", "We can make the commitment that the United States does not torture". Oh honey, just take me already!

Oh, wait, my pretend tv lesbian girlfriend, Rachael Maddow is on and now I feel all unfaithful.

Also is Lieberman chewing his cud or what? Seriously...

On a totally different subject, I point you at [livejournal.com profile] urbaniak's journal where he introduces us to the Uber Douche, Selwyn Duke. And his thesis on women entitled "That Female Ego", oh yes, he went there:

It occurred to me a while back, as I thought about my chauvinistic teasing of a woman who is very close to my heart, that I had stumbled into genius. For if you're looking for a litmus test for a prospective wife there's none better then that of the tweaking of the modern female ego. All you need do is utter words such as "You do that very well . . . for a girl" with a twinkle in your eye and a boyish smirk on your face, and observe what ensues. Her reaction will tell you more about her than any computer dating service or impromtu little encounter session ever could. For as sure as night follows day, the degree to which her reaction is negative will be directly proportional to the degree to which she's been inculcated with feminism.

It couldn't possibly be that the woman might have the same desire as any other human being to have her efforts and actions judged on their own merit rather than on the basis of which sex organs she possesses. Oh no, if she gets offended it must be the fault of insidious feminist brainwashing!

Or, as Mr. Urbaniak puts it: "Nice reasoning, Massengill. Alternate theory: Her reaction is negative because you're a douche." Yeah I'm thinking this is an Occam's Razor kinda situation right here. But I'd be fascinated to hear what all the ladies in the house have to add.

Now the obligatory Kage update. I talked to the vet a little while ago and he's had to postpone talking to the radiologist until tomorrow but he promises to call me as soon as possible. We're discussing the surgery for her current tumor which I want to have done regardless as it seems to be causing her some discomfort. He reminded me that it could be risky at her age and that she'd probably have to lose a toe or two, all of which I'm well aware of, thankfully. Still, it feels good to be moving forward again.

And last night was utterly wonderful, M- and I got together for dance night and I proposed the new song I'd been hoping to choreograph. She loved it! We started to play around with new ideas, and specifically to mix in some Bollywood moves and attitude with double veil, which is something we've never seen before. It's sparking our creativity wildly and it feels incredibly good to be hungry for it again. M- confessed she really needs that in her life right now and it felt good to be able to act as a bit of a catalyst for it. Wish us luck!

Finally, I also stayed up way too late last night watching House and I'm very glad I did. Great episode! I know some fans were annoyed that the major change they introduced only lasted one ep, but I thought it made a whole lot of sense. I came across this lyric today that seemed to sum up the episode rather well:

"Not a day goes by that a man doesn't have to choose,
Between what he wants and what he's afraid to lose." -
Robert Cray, "Consequences"

Love to discuss it with those of you who saw the ep, hit me in comments.
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Ok yay for a much better House this week, very satisfying and several laugh out loud moments amidst the angst. Also not just one but two good medical mysteries. And the scenes for next week...ok I know this is going to sound really strange but I swear I dreamed that very plotline on several consecutive evenings. Basically my brain was playing around with the plot and resolving it in different ways but the basic concept was the same.

I...I begin to suspect this show is messing with my head on a fundamental level...

Also just saw the actual trailer for the new ST movie. I, um, I think I'm going to need to see this. Though the interior of the ship is just weird. On the other hand, Uhura...wow...
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Somebody please tell me you saw tonight's House 'cause I seriously need to discuss the latest ep.

Also gave Fringe another try and it continues to both suck and blow simultaneously. I want to like it 'cause Captain Hottie from The Wire is on it and good lord that man is a treat to the eyes. I mean they just don't come much prettier. But even fond memories of him in his skivvies on The Wire cannot make me want to tune into this show. It just make my brain ache every time I watch it, it really does.
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I may need to stop watching Heroes. Any show that makes me scream, "OMG, you MORON!" repeatedly in the space of a single hour may not be something I need to subject myself to week after week. At the very least it can't be good for my blood pressure. I'd like to ask those reading this blog who have seen the episode to let me know which character you felt acted the most mentally challenged. So who do you think rides the short bus this week:

1. Suresh (He may win for the entire season at this rate)
2. Hiro (Yeah I know, but god he was dumb)
3. Nathan/Tracy (I'm lumping them together as a unit for the time being)
4. Peter (He's giving Suresh a run for his money)
5. Claire/Mom1/Mom2 (They seem aggressively determined to prove the "dumb blonde" stereotype)
6. Nominate your own mental defective if I've forgotten someone.

Bah, I say, and bah again!

In other news I seriously freaked myself out watching the "Son of Coma Guy" episode from season 3 of House. The bit where House discusses his take on the concept of unconditional love specifically. I have actually had that conversation with at least two people in the past couple of years and I've said almost exactly what House said in the episode. This isn't the first time I've spoken his next lines before the actor did, but this was the first time I'd naturally used the very same dialog in my own life. I've never seen myself quite so clearly in a character as I do in him and I'm not sure that's a good thing.


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