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Have you watched the Thor: The Dark World trailer yet?

So I've taken a few screencaps )
I'm thinking this is an opening night event, possibly in costume...
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Oh gosh, it's been a while since I posted and since some of you reading this don't follow me on FB let me catch you up. First on Thursday I managed to actually sprain my ankle for the first time. Doing what? Walking. Yeah. Go me. So I'm still recovering and kind of babying it a little. I ended up skipping a friend's birthday picnic because it meant walking across a park (well, limping across really) but on the upside it did give me a chance to see Thor.
My thoughts behind the cut for spoilers... )
Um, what else? I remain utterly addicted to Breakout Kings, which has actually gotten a great deal better in the past few episodes. The last one especially opened up a huge opportunity for amazing plot and character development. This pleases me greatly, and has inspired some truly astonishingly good fic. Seriously, just wow.

Also stumbled upon a charming little Canadian series called Endgame. The premise is a pretty standard "they fight crime!" set-up along the lines of Nero Wolfe. Gorgeous, snarky and profoundly cynical Russian chess master develops agoraphobia after the murder of his fiancee and cannot leave the posh Vancouver hotel he's been staying in. Out of cash and running low on everything but rakish charm and devastating genius, he gets dragged quite unwillingly into solving mysteries. Sure said mysteries aren't too difficult to work out, and yeah quite often the plot is rather contrived and the acting leaves something to be desired. But if you're in the mood for something light, and don't mind watching a handsome blonde with blue eyes and a gorgeous Russian accent for an hour, then I'd recommend it.


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