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You know that scene at the end of "Return of the King" where Frodo is lying there next to Sam on the slopes of Mount Doom stunned that his quest, his impossible, awful quest is finally at long last over. In a weird way I sort of know how he feels. My own version of chucking The One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom was finishing the longest fic I've ever written in a fandom I had, until April of last year, never dared write a word in.

And it's now done, Ingenue wrapped up at just over 95,000 words. Not a huge amount I suppose, but it sure as heck felt like an uphill slog to me. But it did allow me to prove to myself that I could actually finish something that long without being prodded by anything more than the occasional feedback comment. The other thing it did was give me a daily practice that allowed me to easily produce 1,500-4,000 words per week. Not, perhaps the highest quality words every single week, but the momentum was really important. I missed precisely one week of posting and that was entirely intentional over the holidays, other than that I posted every single week, even with [livejournal.com profile] aelfsciene's wedding stuff and two surgeries to deal with. Gotta' admit I'm proud of that.

The other thing it did for me was prove that I didn't need to go into a story with every single element of the plot worked out. Indeed with this one I knew where I was starting, writing an Anthea backstory in my case, and where I was ending, giving an explanation for the end of Scandal in Belgravia that made more sense to me. But the rest I made up on the fly, creating a variety of characters, embellishing a bunch more, and even offering Sherlock series canon scenes from a different perspective. I ended up answering questions I didn't even realize I had about the series and more often than not I was just as surprised by the answers as my readers probably were.

In other words I stepped way outside of my comfort zone when it comes to writing and just sort of...winged it really. I think it worked, I certainly didn't get much in the way of negative feedback and a good deal of positive. Not too bad really.

The only problem now is that a big part of me wants to just take some time off and give myself a break from writing...the other part thinks "Don't lose your damn momentum!" and wants to keep going with, well something. The question now is, do I play around with the Avengers fic I've been considering, go back to my Snupin novel-length sequel to "Scale of Dragon..." or get to work on my damn original novel. Decisions, decisions.
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Wow I am slacking hardcore on updates these days. I am writing, I'm just writing actual stories and such rather than journal updates so I guess that's something. For those interested my fic is now mostly going up on Archive of Our Own, my AO3 page is here. My new Sherlock work is up there and one of my old Snupin fics. For those into Sherlock fic also check out my bookmarks because I've got some awesome stories linked up there.

What else? Ah yes, I entered Sherlockology's fiction contest, which was madness. I had about a week to come up with a 3,000 word Sherlockian story using only canon characters. As you might expect, the hardest bit was keeping it under 3,000 words (I think I had about 20 to spare). It took me 4 tries to come up with something I felt worthy of sending in and had a fit of nerves before I pulled the trigger but I did it and it felt good to know I'd at least tried. If it gets chosen it'll be published in an anthology they're releasing to help save Undershaw, the house Doyle wrote most of the Holmes stories in. It's a great cause and it'd be incredibly cool to be able to help them out in some small way.

Aside from that I was killing time until the Marvel Marathon. Yep, spent Thursday in a theater watching all of the Marvel flicks back to back before the new one at midnight. It was a lot of fun and the crowd was seriously into it. It was kind of nice as we were all wearing lanyards that when we saw one another outside the theater we'd grin and nod. Everyone in and around one another's rows got to know each other pretty well and we all chatted and geeked out between films.

Now some spoilery thoughts on The Avengers )
In short if you love comics, particularly Marvel comics, you need to see this movie. Go buy your ticket now, you won't regret it.
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OMG Sherlock fanfic has swallowed my soul, seriously, it's good if I can remember to do things like laundry and dishes. The worst thing is I think the more I read the more intimidated I get about being able to write myself. I mean I used to be pretty good but now I look at things I produce and I hate everything I produce. I'm locked up with both writer's block and artist's block and it's really, really annoying.

Especially since I have an upcoming deadline to make :(

Any suggestions for getting past said blocks would be very welcome.
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Just a couple of things today, first the reaction to Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf has been, in a word, overwhelming. One of my latest batch of comments included a reader saying she would rec the story as the one must-read in HP fandom. Wow...just...wow. It's a good thing I don't wear a lot of hats 'cause I'm quite sure my noggin' would be so swollen right now it'd never fit into any of them.

I've never considered myself a writer, still don't really, mostly because I just don't have the passion for it that I've had for other creative endeavors. And I'm incredibly lazy. When it comes to sitting down and actually putting all the stuff in my brain onto paper I balk. My self discipline just dribbles out my ears and I find myself doing ridiculous mental gymnastics in order to avoid just sitting down and getting the writing done.

But I can't seem to stop the ideas and I'm already plotting out a sequel to SoD, ToW that might be even bigger, grander, and way longer than the first. I'm just not sure I've got the stamina to pull it off. We shall see.

On a lighter note...I have just one question after watching the latest episode of Torchwood... )
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Ooh it's all foggy this morning, the perfect kind of thing for Halloween just a few days early. But the big news is I can finally say that the "bloody story" that I've been working on for literally ages is done, finished, ended. Hallelujah! Clocked in at literally just shy of 70,000 words. Fortunately [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain has been editing for me and already got her notes back to me so I can clean the whole thing up, get it sectioned off, and start posting it to the Snupin list. Once that's done it gets tucked away on the list archive and then I'm taking a nice long break from writing for a while. I've earned it.

Can't say I was terribly pleased by my wrap-up and I'm not sure I did the sex scene justice, but at this point I figure it's an accomplishment just to finish. Not unlike a marathon I suspect. It certainly felt like a marathon, and I think I've discovered I'm more of a sprinter really.

Now if I can just get a handle on stuff at work I'm going to be in really good shape.
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Quickie weekend update:

Snakes on a Plane was one of the most satisfying movie going experiences I've ever had. I knew why I was going and what I wanted to see and I got just that. As far as horror-ish action-adventure flicks go it was a great deal of fun. Just turn your brain off and enjoy it if you go see it, and you should 'cause it sounds like the box office is way down on this one.

People, it's Sam Jackson doing what he does best, c'mon! And I have to say it was also one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time. Mostly intentionally, though when the bad guy comments that this plan was his "last resort" I lost my shit. I mean how many other plans do you have to work your way through before you settle on filling a plane to the rafters with deadly snakes? 50? 100?

Saturday was kind of lazy, I gave feedback to the troupe during practice and was just blown away by how amazing the routines look. I mean just stunning. They're going to wow the crowd at DDF. Afterwards I did a bit of laundry, then [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain came over and we got burritos then watched "Syriana". If you haven't seen the movie, do so. Seriously, it should be required viewing, much like "An Inconvenient Truth". Just stunningly good, though it made me far more nauseated than SoaP ever could. If you really don't understand what's going on in the Middle East right now and why, this film will give you a good headstart on figuring it all out.

After that we opted for something a little more lighthearted and re-watched "Restoration" while both working on our respective Snupin stories. It was quite...inspiring :)

Sunday I slept in then ran some errands, did a little housework, and otherwise spent the day writing. Chapter 4 is pretty much done, now I just need to finish Chapter 5 and I put this baby to bed. I more than surpassed the 55,000 word goal for the weekend so I'm feeling pretty good about that.
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I had a startlingly productive weekend despite a high degree of socializing, which is almost unheard of for me. Saturday the new troupe performed our choreographies for Alyne who seemed to be quite impressed. She actually had the most to say about the piece [livejournal.com profile] aelfsciene and I put together and brought up the point that it was both classic Egyptian cabaret and that it could reasonably be danced either with or without veil. I have to admit we were both stunned by the latter comment and it got my mind working on how it could be tweaked to do that. I have a few ideas, but honestly I love it as a single veil piece where the veil is never discarded, only used in wonderful and unexpected ways.

Alyne also recommended that we switch the order of the pieces as the one we were putting last would be a great way to get the audience's attention. We all had to admit she was right. It was so helpful to get another set of eyes on the routines.

I did realize something Saturday, though, and that's that while I miss dancing a little, the passion seems to be gone. I don't think I'm going to end up performing again in the future but that doesn't bother me the way I used to think it would. In fact it seems pretty natural, and it's got me thinking about using the time and energy I had previously put into dancing for other things. Writing's at the top of that list at the moment, but I'd really like to get back to drawing as well. And I've always wanted to learn Tai Chi so maybe I'll go do that path for a bit and see if I like it.

Anyway, after practice we attended the BaaAARRRbeque at [livejournal.com profile] tamago and [livejournal.com profile] jimweasel's place, but I was tired and headachy and really just wanted to be somewhere quiet, cool and dark. So I went home, curled up and got an enormous chunk of writing all neatly tied together and off to [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain for her feedback. Twenty-four pages to be exact. I mean I used to write entire stories that were shorter than that, and that's just one small part of a single chapter in this one. Scary. I also crossed the 50,000 word barrier and I believe I've entered the realm of at least novella, but possibly full-length novel.

Sunday I was up reasonably early to meet [livejournal.com profile] cyranocyrano for breakfast at Baji's. Aelf joined us and we had a great time catching up and just chatting. I then headed back, cleaned up the apartment, did a bit of editing on the story and then experimented with my recipe for [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf's cookbook project. I have to say it was a stunning success and left me with lunches for the rest of the week. I typed up the unbelievably simple recipe and sent it off to him. Then he called up and stopped by and we went walking together and then over to Burrito Real. It was so nice to have an excuse to just talk to him again, but I did have an ulterior motive as well. On the way back I picked his brain regarding the sex scene in my story, trying to write it from a guy's perspective had been absolutely terrifying me. I didn't want it to come off screaming, "A WOMAN WROTE THIS!", and I knew I was out of my depth. No matter how much slash you've consumed in a lifetime (and lord knows I've read a lot) there's still nothing like getting first hand experience. He was so unbelievably helpful, answering all of my questions, helping me delve into what would be going through the character's mind at any given time. It was all I could've hoped for and more.

If this story turns out well it's really going to be down to an awful lot of people. [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain, who's been there right from the start, always willing to read and give me feedback, she's helping me tame the beast into submission and I've yet to find an instance where her instincts have been off. [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf who has become something of my own personal slash Wikipedia. [livejournal.com profile] aelfsciene, [livejournal.com profile] rex_luscus, [livejournal.com profile] silkblade, and [livejournal.com profile] tersa who let me bounce ideas off of them and, to a certain extent, rationalize my own theories.
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Stayed up way too late watching "Fingersmith" on Logo last night, despite the fact that I was recording it. It was just so damn good! Then I couldn't fall asleep 'cause I really wanted to go watch the rest but couldn't justify staying up until midnight to do it. Blah, at least I got most of the tricky editing stuff done yesterday that I needed to at work. Today will undoubtedly be more meetings and more discussions, but I think I'm awake enough for that.

Got some writing done last night and I like the way my current fic is shaping up. It's going to be something of an endurance test, though, as it's a long one. If I could figure out a way to shorten it without losing too much of the story I would, believe me, alas I don't think it's going to happen. The worst part is I'm already contemplating a sequel and that is just so very, very wrong.


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