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I think I figured out what's been drawing me to Criminal Minds so much. I mean aside from the adorability of Dr. Spencer Reid, and the cheeky fun that is Penelope Garcia. It's not the writing for the most part, I mean often as not I'll bellow at the tv, "Oh come on, guys, you're supposed to be intelligent!" No, it's definitely not the writing. I think it appeals to me in much the same way that Stargate Atlantis did.

Bear with me, there's a team dynamic that is altogether similar. Geeky, socially awkward genius; handsome, smooth operator with trust issues and a near suicidal streak; tough, competent woman who always keeps her cool...well, you get the point. I've really missed that, and I've got to admit the series is filling the gap rather nicely. And I'd like to thank both Ion and A&E for running episodes back to back on the weekends so I can actually follow the story and characters as they develop.

Interestingly as poor as the writing can be on an episode by episode basis I like that the show actually does believe in character development and something that happened one or two seasons back will still effect them down the road. If a show wants to hook me that's a damn fine way to do it.

Sorry, this is about the only thing I'm watching recently aside from British reality shows. Hey, Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is finally back with new episodes on Wednesday nights and oh how I've missed it. Seriously.

Speaking of t.v. is "Paranormal State" the goofiest damn thing on television? I mean it makes "Ghost Hunters" look like Masterpiece Theater by comparison. Wow.
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Ok I have to fess up to a couple of things. First, despite all the GateFail stuff and my deep dismay over the preliminary scenes I'd seen. As it turns out it wasn't...bad...necessarily. If I had to describe it I would say it very badly wanted to be Battlestar Galactica but wobbled much closer to Star Trek: Voyager, but without the hot Borg chick. Which is too bad 'cause a hot Borg chick probably would've helped quite a bit.

I may tune in again just 'cause, you know, 'Gate and all. Also occasionally people like Jack, Daniel, Sam, Rodney, etc. may amble through an episode and that will make me squee. Yeah, all right, when it comes to Stargate I'm kinda...easy.

Anyway, confession number two, I've kinda started watching CSI: Miami. Not because I think it's at all good, indeed most of the time the science and characters make me double over with laughter. Especially Horatio Caine, OMG he's quite possibly the most absurd character I've seen in years. But, I'm developing a borderline unhealthy obsession with the character Ryan Wolfe. He's adorkable in the best sense of the word, but has a delightfully dark side. I like that he's kind of the Severus to Horatio's Albus on the series. Also he got shot in the eye with a nail gun. How freakin' cool is that? Fortunately he's usually given short-shrift in any given episode so I can just skip along to his scenes.

Finally I am really digging on the kinder/gentler House this season. I've said before that I adored him from the start but wouldn't necessarily want to hang out with him. I have to admit this season's House I'd not only have dinner with, but I'd probably invite home afterward.
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Kage continues to improve and tonight actually both ate dinner in the kitchen for the first time since her surgery and just curled up in her heated bed in front of her heater. You honestly don't understand how much you appreciate the little things in life until they're taken away. I felt like throwing a party, I kind of still do.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to have her with me, but I'm determined to enjoy every second she's with me.

In other news [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf has seen a preview of the new "Cupid" series and apparently it's entirely underwhelming. Color me shocked. Why don't those bastards at ABC just release the original? Why? WHY?!

BTW, the people who wrote the promos lauding it as the "most romantic NEW show of the season" need to be punched directly in the gonads. Repeatedly. If they had an iota of honesty they'd admit it's "the most romantic show this network ran years ago with a superior cast and then viciously raped to death and never deigned to release on DVD for absolutely no fucking reason."

I know that's not quite as catchy...


Ok, two minutes in to the pilot episode and I'm burying my face in my hands. This is pathetic, just pathetic. That's it, I'm digging out my original series episodes, I need to get the bad taste out of my brain.

On the other hand the latest House episode is kicking ass. I love the way they're doing the diagnosis via yes and no questions, and Kutner proving he's the kinder, gentler heir apparent to House's diagnostic kingdom. The reveal on why House was in NY was quite interesting, though ultimately rather depressing (yeah, I know, shocker). And it looks like the next episode is a very special episode of House, M.D. That always makes me a little nervous. This season was a little wobbly, but has ultimately turned out strong, and I'm hoping they're not heading for another stumble.

To be honest, while I adore the show and could happily watch House sitting in an exam room for an hour enjoying his favorite soap (seriously, I could), I wonder how many more seasons they're going to attempt. I mean if you've got a character who you can't really allow to ever develop and change, one who's so delightfully damaged and brilliantly screwed up that you can't let him heal...well, there's only so far you can take his story.
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First I must share with you the incredibly talented [livejournal.com profile] wyomingnot's latest fanvid. This is an absolutely adorable SGA one, and the pigeon line in this one nearly killed me. Just brilliant!

Also I have decided that beating my head against the wall that Heroes has become this season is no longer in my best interest. Last night's ep was enough, just...enough. If anyone can give me one strong reason to stick around I'll at least consider it, but I very much doubt my f-list is all that much more enthusiastic about the season. *sigh*

Did like the last ep of SGA well enough, mostly for the last 5 minutes which I really hadn't picked up on. Oh and the fact that Woolsey seems to have seen Xanadu at a very impressionable age. I'll say no more.

And tonight there is House which I sincerely hope is better than last week's which was decidedly "Eh."
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Just catching up on Heroes now and am I nutty or is black hole guy Bubs from The Wire? This amuses me greatly. Also Hiro's line "Like the Cantina!" made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Got to see the finale of State of Play last night and all I can say is that it was every bit as good as I'd hoped. The kind of complex, well written and well acted murder mystery that I've come to expect from the Brits. Of course just as I was coasting along on a great tv high [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf insisted on subjecting me to the first 15 minutes of the American Life on Mars.

It was just as dreadful as I'd feared, and then some. I'd heard from [livejournal.com profile] aelfsciene that the soundtrack was overwhelming and badly bungled and the acting third rate at best. But what I found the most interesting, and sad, about the whole thing was that while they had all the basic elements of the original it had none of the style or the charm. It was fascinating just how many levels of fail the episode achieved in such a short period of time. Not the least of which was just how hideously unsympathetic this Sam was, he was like watching an animated slab of meat.

Another thing that [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf pointed out was that setting the show in NYC did it no favors. There was a very good reason the original was set in Manchester rather than London, they didn't want the city to overwhelm the story. Putting the American version in NYC basically bitch slaps the viewer in the face repeatedly every single episode. And OMG the shot with the Twin Towers made us all groan aloud and bury our faces in our hands.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I'll be astonished if the show makes it past 13 episodes let alone to a second season. And rightfully so.
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Sorry to go radio silent, but you wouldn't believe how busy the past few days have been. Seriously I feel like I haven't stopped since last Friday. I barely got time to answer some emails last night and this is the first chance I've had at LJ.

On the plus side I've gotten to spend some serious quality time with [livejournal.com profile] phillipalden, [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf and [livejournal.com profile] jakejr who I so rarely get to see these days. I'll be seeing plenty of [livejournal.com profile] cyranocyrano in addition and I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain's new girlfriend (I checked and she said it was ok to use the "g" word, at least in private), who's an absolute treat.

In the meantime a couple of quick comments on tv in the past week, Traders season three is kicking some serious ass, it's almost too good, and trying to write this while watching it is intensely difficult I've gotta' say. The current episode included the "cocooning" sequence with Grant and both [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain and I were squeeing helplessly.

And hey even the last Atlantis episode I saw I really quite liked. I think it was mostly because Woolsey was a friggin' diplomacy gangsta' in it. OMG, I wanted his uber-bureaucratic little babies after that ep. If you saw it you know the scene I'm talking about where Woolsey all but says, "And that's how it's done, bitchez." Also I'm not sure who wrote this one but they not only served Woolsey well but the entire cast really. That team scene at the beginning was beautiful beyond the telling of it. Um, also Burn Notice and Middleman continue to kick serious ass. Wow, just wow.

Finally, I think I'm going to dig a moat around my weekend and declare myself off limits. I think I may need to cocoon a little...


Mar. 23rd, 2007 08:55 am
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Am I the only one who didn't know that Tanya Huff's books had been turned into a series? "Blood Ties" is, of course, going to be airing Sundays at 10 which means it's in competition with BSG...not smart. However there's only one BSG episode left for this season so I can switch over to watching BT instead for a bit. Of course it is airing on Lifetime so I'm already afraid on the path. I'll give it as much of a chance as I did Dresden Files and if it has been butchered I can just chalk it up to dumb execs and let it go.

I mean I loved the books but I wasn't in love with them, you know?
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Scott over at Lawyers, Guns, and Money asks what folks think is the most overrated tv show, and gets one comment that nearly made me snarf Vitamin Water:

Babylon Five. Revered by a large subset of SF nerds, despite the fact that it had a terrible cast, the characters all spoke in the author's (speechifying) voice, most of the plot and setting elements were shamelessly borrowed (the series' big order-versus-chaos metaplot climax was stolen directly from the alignment section of the Advanced D&D Dungeon Master's Guide), and roughly half of the episodes featured the characters marking time while the overall metaplot advanced a couple of ticks. And the spinoff shows were even worse. Beloved by people who think Star Trek wasn't preachy enough. Not only does the new BSG shit on it from a great height, but the old one does, too.

Then Matt T. dismantles Firefly, ending with this phrase which I think summarizes the show rather well: "Though is it just me, or does it totally rip off the "Wing Commander" game series?"

Since he did all the work for me I just added: "Firefly was quite possibly the most horrendous excuse for a sci-fi series not created and produced by the SciFi channel. I would happily sit through an entire day of back to back showings of "Mansquito" than watch a single episode of Firefly ever, ever again."

I disagree with those slagging on XFiles, of course, unless they're referring to post season 7, in which case I'd merrily join them. I'd also add all series with the letters CSI attached to them, pretty much all current and recent sitcoms, Lost (which perfected the art of shark jumping ages ago), and absolutely 24 (which has about as much plot as your average Half-Life game).

Comments are open, which series would you add?


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