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...of my fanfic Ingenue, and in honor of finally finishing the monster (I will stay under 100,000 words, I'm sure of it) I uploaded my accompany fanmix:

That's not my name... from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.
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God help me I've actually made a slashy John/Sherlock mix. Just my take on the way a relationship might go between the two of them, and a bit spoilery for season two if you haven't seen it.

You're a Difficult Equation from ebonlock on 8tracks.

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I am roughly two songs away from my Mycroft Holmes mix, currently titled "How Mycroft Got His Groove Back". I nearly kicked myself last night when I realized I'd almost neglected to include "A Well Respected Man". D'oh.

Also putting together a Sherlock/John mix because it is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east I'm afraid. Also I blame a whole helluva lot of fantastic J/S fic. And the Tripod song, "Let's Take a Walk" pretty much demanded the creation of an entire mix based on it:

Let's take a walk, my love
Down by the river, my baby
Down where we used to go
Until the day when we found that body

Let's not forget, my love
It was our favourite spot once
Please don't let one bloated corpse
Ruin all our memories

I know you slipped down a muddy embankment
And landed on a rotting body
But please don't let that spoil that place for you
'Cause don't forget, we've kissed there, too!

(Oh, come on baby, get over it! I love you so much better than that dead body! I'd hate to think our relationship hung by a thread of whether we saw a body or not. Hey look, I've kept a momento! It's the stick we poked it with! Oh, come on baby! )

Oh, the memories were fantastic
Except for one guy wrapped in plastic
Down where we used to go
Until the day when we found that body

If that ain't a Sherlock love song I have no idea what is.
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OMG Sherlock fanfic has swallowed my soul, seriously, it's good if I can remember to do things like laundry and dishes. The worst thing is I think the more I read the more intimidated I get about being able to write myself. I mean I used to be pretty good but now I look at things I produce and I hate everything I produce. I'm locked up with both writer's block and artist's block and it's really, really annoying.

Especially since I have an upcoming deadline to make :(

Any suggestions for getting past said blocks would be very welcome.
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It's funny, I've kind of felt like I was in a fanfic deadzone for a while now. Well fandom deadzone to some degree. I mean I've been enjoying Person of Interest and Walking Dead and the better fics related to them but I haven't felt inspired to actually produce anything in ages. And then this week I stumbled upon the awesomeness of Audiofic. I have been listening to a lot of fanfic this week, too much in some cases but oh it's been so...inspiring! I actually want to write again and even draw again, it's been ages since I could say that.

Utterly, happily immersed in Sherlock fic, though there's not nearly as much Mycroft as I'd like and a little too much schmoopy John/Sherlock. But there's been some...some so amazingly read that I keep going back and listening again and again. If you're looking for some incredibly well read fic in the genre do a search for Fayjay on the site, then kick back and enjoy.
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Well I just watched the second season finale of Sherlock Holmes, "The Reichenbach Fall", their take on "The Final Problem" and as per usual I cried. Ah Martin, you are such an incredible Watson and damned if you didn't break me just as a Watson should at the end. For those who have seen it my comments section is open to speculation on how they're going to resolve this. I have an idea or two but would love to hear yours.

And [livejournal.com profile] elo_sf, thank you for watching with me and only laughing a little when I started bouncing and squeeing at that one point ;)

And now the long, interminable wait for season three...*sigh*
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First and foremost I had a lovely visit with my mom who fell in love with my house and my kitties. We didn't do a whole lot except eat an obscene amount of really good food. I took her to all my favorite restaurants and we ate out twice a day every day she was here. Aelf and I also managed to find her two salwar kameez outfits that she quite liked and that fit her beautifully. I finally laid my hands on a lengha set that mostly works with those worn by Aelf and M- so we'll look mostly cohesive when we perform a week and one day from today. I had to modify the lengha of course, but I think it's workable now, I'll know for sure when we do our dress rehearsal this week. I need to pick up my black choli tomorrow from M-'s place and modify it but that won't take nearly as long, thankfully.

I'm currently enjoying the remainder of my summer vacation which is passing by entirely too quickly. One lovely discovery this week has been stumbling upon the new BBC series, "Sherlock". It's a 3-part series, which is just long enough to enjoy the basic concept, in this case Sherlock and John Watson in modern London, without the premise beginning to wear thin. And yes it's Steven Moffat at the wheel here too, but oddly enough what doesn't work for me with his Doctor very much does with his Holmes. At one point in the premiere ("A Study in Pink") a police officer accuses Holmes of being a psychopath and he snaps, "No, I'm a high functioning sociopath," and that suddenly explained to me why the eleventh Doctor isn't working for me. I'm pretty sure he's conceived the Doctor as a sociopath too, and while I admit that is one way to work around the whole alien aspect of the character, it's not my favorite. It works with Holmes, not so much with a guy who goes out consciously looking for companions to travel around with him.

At any rate, "Sherlock" works for me on a variety of levels, not only do the guys fit the look of the characters (and area quite easy on the eyes), but they're well written, quite well acted and come pre-slashed. The true Holmesian will be absolutely charmed by the attention to detail (how they work in both of John's "war wounds" is downright brilliant) and Holmes' 20th century version of "a three pipe problem" won me over completely. I cannot wait to see more of 221B Baker Street, Mycroft and of course the evil Moriarty. I'm hoping they stick close to the original stories for their inspiration, I can say their take on "A Study in Scarlet" was just delightful. And I have such a crush on Watson already...


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