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I think perhaps the less said about last night's episode of Atlantis the better. However I will post this single question to those who watched the show:

Can you name the original series Star Trek and ST:TNG episodes that this one stole its plot from without so much as a nod to either? Extra credit will be awarded to those who can suggest a way that the serial numbers could have been filed off more elegantly (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain, but you're not eligible to compete).

That's two stinkers back to back, will we get a trifecta next week? Hard to say as it looks like a buddy episode with Ronon and Rodney and the comedy potential should practically write itself. Of course I've been wrong about this sort of thing before...
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Ok so Saturday night I made the critical error of going to GateWorld to read about the season 5 episodes on SGA and now I'm chomping at the bloody bit for them. Especially this Rodney McKay tour de force ep which may very well knock "The Tao of Rodney" off its longstanding number one all time fave ep space. What intrigues me even more about it is that I've already read a couple of fantastic fanfics (this one and this one) that take the same concept and run with it beautifully. It's just a gorgeous episode concept and I know David is going to do an amazing job...and I want it NOW!

How long until the season starts?
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Ok the embed isn't working, but OMG, [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain you must see this vid:

Rodney's Angels

I am so totally reading this fic...
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Well I successfully got [livejournal.com profile] cyranocyrano to his plane with time to spare this morning despite two cats who were irresistibly cuddly. Ran over to Lenscrafters because my new spare glasses have been giving me a headache ever since I got them which tells me something is up. Turns out one of the lenses was incorrect but they're fixing it now for free so I'm pleased. And now I've applied to two jobs with environmental organizations locally who need an online writer, a position for which I'm quite qualified so we'll see if I get a response. In the meantime everything's been pretty quiet...well, with the exception of the power saws and hammering going on outside, but I'm so used to that now that I barely even hear it.

In totally unrelated news, David Hewlett has arguably the cutest baby in existence, seriously even I had to stop and coo over this picture. And this made me squee for entirely different reasons:

I’ve just had my first bath in front of the entire Atlantis crew…thankfully just BEFORE lunch rather than after it….I would be displacing a hell of a lot more water after I’ve finished grazing the fine foods of our lunchtime catering…what sane soul can say no to free deserts?…certainly not this one! If me in a bath doesn’t sink the franchise then we may be unstoppable…anyone who has seen “A Dog’s Breakfast” knows what horror awaits them ;-)

Dear god someone please tell me they're already working on fic for this...lie if you must... Gah! When does season 5 start? Not soon enough, that's when.
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First and foremost, if you've got a few minutes you should fill this out:

Second, the first day amongst the unemployed has been pretty low key so far, applied to a couple of jobs and I've got still more insurance papers to fill out. Haven't heard back yet about the contract job but I did find a good position at Google I'd be well suited for. Not that I have high hopes about getting a foot in the door at Google, but it's worth a try. Already applied for unemployment so that's done, and my bank account should hold out for a month or two if necessary.

So things aren't too dire at the moment. I want to get a bit of housework done today, but aside from that and watching some SG-1 with [livejournal.com profile] cyranocyrano my day is pretty free. It's rather nice and relaxing really. I plan to enjoy it while it lasts.

Now a couple of things that will require cut tags:

First some thoughts on the latest episode of Torchwood )
And the latest episode of SGA: The Kindred II... )
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First and foremost, had a great time with J- who visited for a week and managed to make it home safely yesterday despite some pretty wretched weather pretty much everywhere east of the Sierras. We mostly spent the time hanging out, eating OMG so much pizza (well he did, I just got to smell it...and oh did it smell good), and chatting. It's amazing sometimes how much fun we can have just watching a video together.

I got to introduce him to [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain and we got to watch the latest SGA, Trio, together... )
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My friend J- made it into town only an hour late yesterday and was in surprisingly good spirits for someone who'd spent the entire day being bounced from airport to airport. I got him a pizza and myself a burrito and we settled in to talk while he watched the remainder of the Super Bowl. He seemed pleased that the Giants won so I was happy for him. Then we found a Stealth lacrosse game on and watched that and talked some more. Finally I had to drag myself off to bed, but not before showing him how the new loveseat bed worked so he could get some sleep as well.

In other news Saturday morning marked the return of me and several of the gals I most like to dance with to veil work. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to get back to something I love straight down to my toes, though the best part was doing it with some of the best and most enthusiastic dancers I've ever had the privilege of dancing with. We started out just going over the basics then it quickly evolved into an impromptu choreography session with everyone throwing moves together and me supplying the music. We were having so much fun we blew right past the one hour mark and just kept working, then excitedly planned the next class. I already can't wait to go!

And no Monday is complete without my review of the latest SGA episode, so here's what I thought of Outcast: )
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You know I never really got into Smallville, but I have to admit this Lex Luthor vid almost makes me want to:

Also, the short fic "Masterminds", a Smallville/SGA crossover isn't helping...
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First thanks [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain for pointing me at this:

Then a big thanks to my friend D- who sent me a signed copy of Stephen Colbert's "I Am America, and So Can You!" along with a Wrist Strong! bracelet. Of course Pye has already made off with said bracelet, as plastic bracelets are his favorite toy EVAR. Literally he's racing around the apartment with it in his mouth as I type this. My cat is a complete headcase.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my impromptu holiday off, I have to admit. I'm watching "You Are What You Eat", another BBCA reality series that I'm addicted to. But soon I'll be finishing off the last two episodes of season two of Dexter. My impressions of the season back here... )
And now my thoughts on this week's Stargate: Atlantis.... )
Right, now I'm getting back to Dexter!
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My weekend mostly consisted of watching stuff and fighting off a nasty sinus headache, not really my favorite combination. Oh and throw in Pye vomiting all over the place including on my project bag full of yarn and my latest afghan...and well you won't blame me if I'm decidedly "Eh" about the whole thing.

I liked "Shoot 'Em Up" well enough though some of the action scenes were so outside the bounds of reality that they became a bit silly. The off-handed misogyny made me wince more than once, and more than one of the one-liners actually had me groaning aloud. Still it was more entertaining than "Smoking Aces", which is very sad indeed.

I pretty much blew through season 2 of SGA and came to the conclusion that it was perhaps for the best that I didn't actually start paying much attention to the show until season 3. There were a few moments in episodes throughout that season that made me happy, and I liked the character development they allowed Rodney especially in "Grace Under Pressure". Also him high on enzyme and babbling to himself as he tries to get the DHD working made me laugh and laugh. I finally also have data points to fill in some blanks in a few of the fanfics I'd read so that's good too.

And even the weaker eps in season 2 were making me happier than this week's new episode... )

And now for spoilers on next week's episode and why it's pissing me off... )

On a brighter note Aelf and I settled in to watch the first two episodes of this season's The Wire, which were superb. Slightly spoilery behind the cut... )
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Got home last night to find a box of gifts from my good friend J- which I opened after I got my laundry in the washer. I now own a copy of "A Dog's Breakfast" which I'd been seriously eyeing since finally admitting aloud that I'm now a raging David Hewlitt fan. Yes I can say it now and yes it still freaks me out but there you are. And no this doesn't mean I'm going to change my mind about Firefly too, I still hate that show and I'm sorry but nothing's going to change that.


Anyway, in addition I got a rather odd workout dvd that, yes, I will try out as well. And I got a copy of his band's cd "You're Soaking in It" which I started to listen to this morning. As well as a copy of the "Flight of the Conchords" cd, he's been telling me I need to watch the show as has [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain and I now enthusiastically believe them both. The band kind of reminds me of a mix of Tenacious D and Jonathan Coulton and I was just giggling my way through the entire cd. I am thoroughly in love!

Can't wait to see what he sent [livejournal.com profile] aelfsciene tonight. We're getting together to watch "Shoot 'em Up" which J- assures me kicks serious ass and we will enjoy. I can't wait! I've been dying for a good action flick and Hollywood has been sorely disappointing me for ages. I'm told this one is what "Smoking Aces" should've been. Yay!

Also looking forward to watching the new SG: Atlantis tonight, less for the main plot which looks pretty pedestrian, than for the emotional fallout from what happened in the last episode. The team dynamic is going to be fascinating to see after Sheppard's little hissy fit. I hope they actually deal with it and don't just try to gloss over it and distract us with Wraith because that would be cheating and would annoy me greatly.
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For those who've seen the latest Avatar episode, "Firebending Masters", get thee hence to this Boozebenders thread on it for it is full of awesome. If you haven't seen it yet what the hell are you waiting for?

Uh, sticking the rest of my comments behind a cut so I won't be too inconsiderate... )

Let's just say I have all kinds of new theories about how this is going to play out now and OMG is it nice to feel like bursting into song over a show again.

Ooh, which reminds me, I had some thoughts about the latest episode of Atlantis as well, behind the cut for spoilers... )


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