Feb. 15th, 2006 08:53 am
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So apparently there's this huge bru-ha-ha over the fact that Willie Nelson just released a version of "Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other", but no news coverage I can find so much as mentions Pansy Division's cover of it. I'd always assumed it was written by them, but I guess not. I know that as soon as I saw the trailer for "Brokeback Mountain" ages ago I started singing it under my breath. :)

Anyway, had a nice quiet but productive Cupid's Day, though I did fall off the food wagon and allowed myself a chocolate bar. Hey, it's a holiday, right? I'll climb back on the calorie counting today and hopefully start making some more progress. Not sure how much I trust my scale right now, though, as it seems to need to be calibrated every single time I use it these days. As soon as I get one of those 20% off coupons from BB&B I'm so getting a nice digital one.

Got all of Aelf's gifts wrapped up for her b-day this weekend. Go me! And got some other minor, but necessary tasks done. Then flopped down to indulge in The Daily Show, Jon was just having way too much fun with the Cheney hunting incident. He kept bursting out with, "It's too easy", and he's right. Though I think my favorite was every correspondent repeating the same, "The vice president of the United States shot a 78 year old man in the face" while staring right into the camera. Rob Corddry's mix of all the excuses why Iraq had to be invaded with the accident was sheer comedic genius.

Also forgot to mention that I finally found a reasonably priced copy of my all time favorite anime series, "Last Exile". Got to hear my beloved Lord Dio in his original Japanese voice. It was kind of odd, the American one went with a more mature voice (I'd place it at 17-20), but with this odd other worldly sound to it. The original voice was a young boy's (say 12-14) and I have to admit it added a certain poignancy to the character. Not sure I would've been as mad about him had I heard the Japanese version first, but I love the contrast and the fact that it allows me to experience the character in an entirely different way. *happy sigh*
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It's going to be one of those weeks, I can just feel it. Lots and lots of hurry up and get shit done because OMG we're already into February. Where the hell is this year going?!

Um, very quickly, great weekend, couldn't have had a better one if I'd tried. Loved getting to hang out with troupemate T- and her always delightful fiancee D-, and their two friends S- (or C-?) and P- were a lot of fun as well. We all got along like we'd known each other forever, which was wonderful. The Bellydance Superstars show Saturday evening was amazing, the sheer endurance of the women performing was astonishing. And I got to see Ansuya dance live, mere feet away from me! Woo! It was one of those shows that you go to and end up thinking, "I didn't pay nearly enough to see that kind of a performance", hell I kept feeling like I should be tipping the dancers all night long. Can't say enough about the show, if you get a chance to catch it do so, you'll be glad you did.

Got my Xmas gift from [ profile] tamago, which is a gorgeous Gwahzee jacket. I have promised her pictures and will post 'em up here when I get some.

And I got to spend some quality time with [ profile] elo_sf yesterday which was a delight. I also foisted my bread machine on him, and so far he's made at least 2 loaves, I suspect his LJ posts will feature lots and lots of bread recipes over the coming weeks.
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Well I got laundry done last night but precious little else. The apartment is at least livable for Aelf's stay tonight and that's going to have to be good enough I think.

Got some more writing done, 17,100+ words so far and I might be nearing the halfway point...maybe. However, my goal of finishing it this month seems rather absurd. Ah well, it was a nice dream while it lasted.

Pye has discovered a way to get inside my boxspring and thinks this is the coolest thing ever. Especially at 3 in the morning. *sigh*

And [ profile] tersa, no samples yet, did you get yours? Even if it arrives tonight I don't think there's any way I can get it started thanks to class, so I'll have to start it tomorrow night and play with it on Saturday I think. Do we need to do the actual ordering by this weekend? I should think so.

Very brief Lost comments... )
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Stayed up way too late watching "Fingersmith" on Logo last night, despite the fact that I was recording it. It was just so damn good! Then I couldn't fall asleep 'cause I really wanted to go watch the rest but couldn't justify staying up until midnight to do it. Blah, at least I got most of the tricky editing stuff done yesterday that I needed to at work. Today will undoubtedly be more meetings and more discussions, but I think I'm awake enough for that.

Got some writing done last night and I like the way my current fic is shaping up. It's going to be something of an endurance test, though, as it's a long one. If I could figure out a way to shorten it without losing too much of the story I would, believe me, alas I don't think it's going to happen. The worst part is I'm already contemplating a sequel and that is just so very, very wrong.
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First, for Aelf if she checks in, and [ profile] silkblade, tumnus_love.

A busy, but glorious, and damp weekend for me, got lots and lots done. Leaving early Friday helped as my apartment was sliding inexorably towards a state of utter chaos. I beat back some of the forces of entropy with some serious cleaning and laundry. Also shipped out the last of my Xmas gifts (yay!) and got fitted for my Xmas gift by [ profile] tamago (yay!). Got a little something started on the Super Secret Project (SSP from now on) that I need to clean up a bit before sharing with my fellow conspirators. Watched the game, then finally passed out. Next morning up bright and early for class, where we almost but not quite finished our choreography. We've got like 30 seconds of music left but it's all taqsim-y and none of us really specialize in that so we'll see how it goes. Alyne and J- had some ideas involving modified contortionists' moves that had Aelf and I wincing. My back is aching already just thinking about it.

Afterwards I zoomed off to grab some pies for [ profile] elo_sf's mystery dinner, which was wonderful as usual. Mmm, a whole tray of veggie sushi, yum! I ended up cast as Geordie LaForge in the TNG mystery which was fun 'cause I could deflect almost any accusation with one of two phrases, either "But I'm such a nice guy, would I do that?" or "You're just accusing me 'cause I'm visually handicapped. Sure, pick on the blind guy." Of course in the end we'd all played some part in the theft of the Orb of Knowledge, but were clearly too incompetant to get the job properly done. And I came to the inescapable conclusion that Romulans are about as bright as your average box of hammers when it comes to plotting.

Anyway we did gift exchange afterwards and oh the loot! [ profile] tersa gave me a huge book of quilting square patterns and alluded to a mysterious after Xmas gift to come, hmmm... [ profile] jakejr got me the Depeche Mode two-disc singles set I've lusted after for years. [ profile] elo_sf got me an adorable print, "When Wizards Collide", featuring Severus up against Gandalf, some incredible bookmarks (the naked Jack still my heart!), and of course my Dr. Who boxed set, woo! Aelf gifted me beforehand (hey less to lug back and forth that way) and I got a gorgeous necklace which went with my outfit for the evening perfectly, a talking Mount Doom Frodo figure (he's filthy and has 29 points of articulation, ah the fantasies that's already inspired), a "What would a ninja do?" spinny folder for making decisions (it's at work as I suspect "Unleash Fury" and "Destroy Enemy" would be viable options there in the coming year), and a gorgeous Draco Malfoy pin in his black outfit from GOF. The best part was that they'd superimposed this flame motif in the background behind him and I commented that those were the fiery pits of hell I'd be consigned to for lusting after a little boy.

Managed to make it home afterwards in one piece despite a fucking downpour and some spectacularly poor driving on 101. Aelf and I did our best to collapse as soon as we walked in the door as we had a 4:30 a.m. wake up call to get her to the airport on time. I'd hoped it would stop pouring by the time we got up, but no such luck. The airport was surprisingly nutty for 5:30 a.m., but she got off ok and I didn't get hit or run into any of the morons vying for space as close to the curb as possible. Got home by 6 and promptly went straight back to bed. Finally dragged my ass up again at noon so I could make a Trader Joe's run and score some Tofurkey for Xmas, go me! Came home, did more laundry, got some further tidying up done, then played around online until [ profile] jakejr dropped by with her keys so I can cat sit while she's away. [ profile] cyranocyrano stopped by shortly thereafter so I could catch up on the progress of his super secret project (different than the SSP above), which was just wonderful.

This week should be a busy one at work, and we have our office party on Thursday so I'm going to have to be pretty efficient to fit everything in. It's kind of a relief that I am planning to come in next week, it'll give me a bit of a buffer so I don't have to feel utterly overwhelmed before the holidays.
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First, Dr. Who spoilery of the visual kind, this picture from "The Christmas Invasion" is definitely worth a look. Is the Doctor wearing jammies or is it just my fevered imagination? In any case....very interesting. Looks like Ten's going to be a bit action hero-y. Cool.

I'm so glad I recorded TDS yesterday as Jon Stewart's smackdown of Bill O'Reilly was so worth it. I may re-watch it a few dozen times. And I've come to the conclusion that the Colbert Report should just release a dvd of all of the "The Word" segments because they are, without doubt, amongst the funniest things ever aired on t.v. I always have to watch them a couple of times to get all the jokes, although last night's "War Against Humbuggery" was pretty damned hilarious.

Pye was in a fiesty mood last night, the culmination of which involved Kage trying to peacefully use the litterbox and him stalking her. As soon as she'd gotten inside and couldn't easily turn around he ran over and smacked her on the ass, then took off before she could retaliate. He then zoomed into the living room and crouched down around the corner waiting for her to come through so he could pounce. Alas she decided to actually use the litterbox instead and Pye got bored of waiting for her and gave up. He may not be able to out fight her fairly, but he's mastered the sneak attack, I respect that.

Sounds like we're doing Narnia on Sunday and I'm trying to think when I'll have time to see Memoirs of a Geisha (Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang? Hell yeah), but I suspect that may have to wait until after Xmas at this rate. Although, hmm, maybe Xmas eve...

Edit: Just found the video clip of Jon on Media Matters so if you missed it you can catch it now. My favorite bit:

STEWART: If Bill O'Reilly needs to have an enemy, needs to feel persecuted, you know what? Here's my Kwanzaa gift to him. Are you ready? All right. I'm your enemy. Make me your enemy. I, Jon Stewart, hate Christmas, Christians, Jews, morality, and I will not rest until every year families gather to spend December 25th together at Osama's homo-abortion-pot-and-commie-jizzporium.
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Wee! New icon from my sis, [ profile] divine_debris, and I'm in the perfect mood for it after watching last night's repeat with the Anderson Cooper interview. Holy god that was funny. Stephen really does have the egotistical, opinion-oriented, right-wing banter down to a "t", and I adore him for it. I just hope that someday O'Reilly, Hannity and the others are self aware enough to appreciate his parody of them, but I wouldn't put money on it.

In other news I'm in project/meeting hell today. Although it occurred to me while listening to the radio this morning that in reality my hell wouldn't involve meetings. No, it would involve the phrase, "From the mind of Anne Rice, and the musical genius of Elton John..." Yes, my true hell would be the musical "Lestat", I realized this while hearing some musical selections from said production. I'm now ashamed, deeply ashamed to admit that I once liked her books. Well, the first two anyway. Now I think she's gone into Anne McCaffrey territory. Any day now I expect to see a cover reading "Vampire Dolphins of New Orleans".

Right, I have 117 pages of text to edit, gods help me...

Edit: Whoops, have to post a link to a pic of us losing our shit at a game on the official Sharks site!
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Despite the shitty drive class was wonderful last night as we ran every freakin' choreography we could fit into an hour, and one twice. Talk about dripping with sweat at the end of a workout, damn. But it felt *so* good and I managed to dance each one flawlessly so I felt really good about that. The last few minutes we put on the song we're doing for our next choreography and messed around with zills trying to work out the pattern. Good thing I'd spent some previous time doing just that so when the music started I knew just what I wanted to play. Had it going well for a bit, then lost it and couldn't get it started again. Luckily Alyne and K- have excellent ears for it and picked it up themselves. Interestingly, I could only play it with the music, and K- could only do so without it.

The breaks are going to be a bitch, but the song's nice and short so I don't see any huge problems with learning it. I guess a lot will depend on the nature of the moves we're adding to it.

In other news I've reached the breaking point on my weight issue. The scale's creeping back up again despite an increased workout routine, so new steps must be taken. I'm intrigued by the idea of juice fasting at the moment. The studies and articles I'm reading seem to be full of glowing praise for doing so at least once a week, and as much as once every three days. As long as I don't get stupid and do serious workouts while fasting there shouldn't be a problem. A lot of what I'm reading also seems to indicate a whole lot of side health benefits from the practice that I find intensely appealing.

I may give it a try for at least a few weeks and see how I react to it. Having an excuse to drink more fresh juices and hit Jamba more often does seem like mighty fine incentive.
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New icony goodness that I whipped up last night. [ profile] tersa, Aelf and [ profile] ravenmb should get the joke, and of course feel free to snag it if you like it.

Had kind of a slow day yesterday, took care of my cat sitting duties right after work then got home and did a bit of puttering. Burned a couple of copies of the DDF morning performance so I can bring the original back to Alyne tonight, washed many dishes, played with the cats, then started to work on a new mix I want to put together. I think I have all the tracks worked out, but not the order quite yet. If I get home in time I'll try to work on it a little more tonight.

Class tonight, and a long drive in the rain that I'm not looking forward to. The way people drive around here you'd think there was 3 feet of snow on the ground rather than a light rainfall. It'll be unpleasant, but tonight's my only chance for class before Saturday...and that's only if I get out on time, which isn't a certainty these days.
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Wow, so much happened since last I posted that I hardly know where to begin. Many thanks to everyone who hosted get togethers over the long weekend and kept me fed. The food was entirely too good and it'll take me weeks to work it off, but I'm ok with that :)

GoF at the IMAX was an interesting experience, the one at the Tech isn't quite as good as the one at the Metreon, and we all agreed we should've sat much higher (our sore necks seconded that), but it was nice seeing it HUGE. You notice so many more details that way. Aelf and I are discussing a 10 pm showing sometime, and as it's playing there until February, we've got time.

Oh and for those looking for an excellent pumpking bread/muffin mix I highly recommend the boxed variety Trader Joe's offers, it was enjoyed by all who tried it.

Also the Tofurkey roast is way better than it used to be, and the stuffing inside it is excellent.

Got almost everything that could be wrapped taken care of by last night, though Pye decided to make off with one of the gifts. It was in a net style bag and he (for some unknown reason) loves to chew on those. I didn't actually see him steal it and drove myself crazy trying to figure out how I'd managed to lose it. Then this morning I glanced over at the floor by the tv and there it was with little kitty teeth holes in it. Fortunately the bag part is easy enough to do away with.

Managed to get everything done yesterday that I needed to, though by the time I finally sat down to eat something and relax a bit I couldn't get back up again. Still, finishing up all my errands, reorganizing my kitchen and cleaning out the bathroom properly left me feeling incredibly accomplished. I have a couple of projects to do tonight, then I can get back to work on my last big crafting one for the holidays and that's it. Go me!

Oh and before I forget, our performance Saturday night went quite well, the audience was having a great time and very enthusiastic for all the performers. We did end up having to ask that some of the candles be blown out, though lead us to labeling ourselves the most flammable dance troupe in the Bay Area, which made me laugh a lot. All the dancers were superb, and the dance floor was the size advertised, so no surprises there.
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Have you ever had such a wonderful weekend that you don't even know where to start describing it? I'm faced with that very problem today. I admit I went into this busy, busy weekend with a bit of trepedation. I mean I haven't had the energy to face a full 48 hours packed with stuff in a long while. I guess I keep expecting my body to fall apart again and leave me curled up fetal somewhere for a good portion of the time.

Not dealing with nausea, pain and fatigue is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Despite not slowing down since leaving work Friday I feel utterly energized today, excited, ready to take on almost anything. It helped that before I left Friday I got an update on the work my team's been doing on my first big game production and I was utterly floored. I have the best people working for me in the entire world, bar none. Between them, my exquisitely talented writer and my frighteningly good artist I couldn't be happier.

Zoomed down from work to pick up [ profile] ravenmb, and after a little miscommunication at the terminal we were on our way. Stopped at [ profile] tersa's to change into our Hogwarts costumes, then off to the Mercado. Parking was dicey, but after about 10 minutes of driving around we lucked into a spot and made it to the restaurant pretty much on time. [ profile] rexluscus joined the gang a bit later and we had a wonderful meal, and delightful conversation. The line wasn't bad at all when we got into it, and we amused ourselves during the wait without any difficulty. We also amused many others in line and some folks just passing by as well. I must coax [ profile] tersa into uploading them because the dueling Gryffindor/Slytherin shot needs to be an icon rather badly. She got a sneaky one of me too which I call "Portrait of a Ravenclaw with cell phone". I may caption it, "What do you mean I only get one bar at Hogwarts?"

And now my brief but spoilery review of GoF (with some HBP spoilers as well). )

Saturday I had some time for errands and laundry (yay!), then met up with the gals to watch [ profile] tersa and [ profile] ravenmb play the GoF game, then Aelf joined us and we took off for dinner and a little shopping. Then there was hockey, which started off badly, but then the Pod Sharks came out on the ice in the second period so it became a lot more interesting. It's always sad to lose in a shootout, but I'll take that over a complete shut out, you know?

Yesterday we had brunch at Baji's, which is quickly becoming a tradition, before splitting up. I procured IMAX tickets (yay!), did a bit of packing over at J- and J-'s place, then zoomed home to change for dinner. We had the restaurant to ourselves for most of the evening, which meant pretty attentive waiters and a nice relaxing chance for [ profile] ravenmb, [ profile] jimweasel, Aelf and I to chat. Our dancer for the evening was Parri, and as there were very few people by the time she arrived, we got a great deal of her attention. Suffice to say that everyone at our table got their shot at the spotlight. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. She came over and joined us after the show, and mentioned some dance opportunities for Aelf so that was cool. We also got caught up on the latest dance gossip :)

And that's about it, I got home around 9:30, just in time to snag some earrings that Aelf needed for a gift since she was trapped on 17 hell, poor thing. Tonight I clean my apartment, tomorrow's packed with work stuff, then Wednesday I have some cat sitting to attend to and that's about it before the holiday, woo!
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I came to the conclusion last night after watching still more SG-1 ("Lifeboat" to be precise) that I need to start buying this series. I so don't need to start purchasing more dvd sets before I've even finished buying XFiles and Xena, but there we are. I may start looking around after Xmas to see if I can find them fairly cheap, and I suspect I can.

I guess I just realized last night that I really love the character Daniel Jackson and I want to have every season in which he plays a major role. I suppose I could just wait until SciFi does one of its SG-1 marathons and get a season's worth that way, but that's often an intensely inefficient way of doing it. Not to mention inconvenient, rushing home at lunch to switch dvd's kind of sucks, really.

Of course I should point out that I haven't even sat down to watch the single season of War of the Worlds that arrived for me weeks ago...but hey I've got a week off for Xmas this year, surely I'll have some time to catch up then. Yeah, I know, ha, ha.

I'm starting to get innundated with boxes of stuff I've ordered as gifts for folks. I really need to get stuff wrapped and organized, I'd hoped to do that over Thanksgiving, but that seems highly unlikely. Maybe the weekend after...maybe. I also need to do cards, which I haven't even given serious thought to yet *sigh* Where the hell did this year go?
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For some odd reason Pye has decided to random attack moving images on the tv. It was particularly amusing on Saturday when he repeatedly did so while I was watching "Swades". The best part was me murmuring, "Get Sharuk Khan, Pye, get him!" and he would. The cat's got good taste in men, that's for sure.

Saturday also marks my first completed solo choreography, hooray! It was choreography by committee, but I actually prefer working that way, with people throwing ideas at me and trying to figure out what will work and what won't. It helped to have a very clear idea of my objectives and the overall feeling I wanted to get across. I got at least one "OMG, how did you do that?!" and from Aelf a "That is the scariest regroup I have ever seen." Both pleased me greatly. So I've got at least two interesting innovations in the routine and all the moves I really like with none of the ones that make me crazy. Now to learn the damn thing, which is really the hardest least when one has no room to practice in.

Next year I really must make it a priority to find a bigger place.

Got the majority of my holiday shopping done this weekend, now I need to focus on gift wraps and bags, but I think that can probably wait until after Thanksgiving. Not long after Thanksgiving, though, 'cause I don't want to deal with the crowds either. I have become a very picky shopper it would seem.
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I was so organized and efficient yesterday that the huge monster of a project has been tamed and is now sitting at my feet and purring like a kitten. Everyone seemed quite pleased with the elegance of my solution and the thoroughness of my work, go me! And I was even able to add some salient points to our meeting last night, which we breezed through and finished half an hour early, woo!

With my cat sitting duties out of the way for today I can stop and get groceries tonight and still have time to work on my choreography plus get some dubbing done. Last night I checked On Demand on a whim and lo and behold, the final Venture Brothers episode I needed to complete my season one collection was right there! Glory hallelujah! I've dubbed a copy for Aelf's brother already, and dubbing another copy now and can do more if anyone's interested. One copy of "Hero" for Alyne and I'm all set on the dubbing front for a while.

Managed to get in a little exercise time last night, but not nearly enough, I'll work on that tonight. I really need to set aside at least a half an hour a day, that's not really so much time to set aside for taking care of my body. Although somedays it truly feels like it.

Also watching the first season eps of SG-1 the other day reminded me that I really need to pick up a copy of that season at some point. Despite all the silly hats (and oh gods they were silly) there are some damn fine episodes there. Well in the first few seasons really. Maybe after Xmas.

Edit: I feel like such a dork, someone on one of the Dr. Who lists just posted that "Torchwood" is actually an anagram for "Doctor Who", which, of course, never occurred to me. D'oh.
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Sometimes I am such a history geek. Last night I ended up recording the second half of the History Channel's "Crusades: The Crescent and the Cross", plus their special on the Knights Templar. And I'm really looking forward to watching my copy of "Kingdom of Heaven" with the historical commentary track. Maybe this weekend if I can squeeze it in, we'll see.

Mmm, also got my latest order from Arcana and I smell like a mixture of violets and blackberries today. It was wrong of me but I spent a lot of last night just sniffing stuff, and leaving the box sitting open in my living room as the entire thing smelling gorgeous. *happy sigh*

I'm glad I get a week off from cat sitting next week, I'm too easily guilted into hanging around much longer than I should by lonely kitties. That, of course, eats into my time to work on crafts and other projects. Though I was pretty efficient last night and even made some superb progress on my last big crafting project. Go me! And with just a few more odds and ends my Xmas shopping will all but be done, yay!

Speaking of which, if anybody is wondering what I'd like this year, well I'd love the gift of music. Make me mix cd's of whatever you choose and I'll be profoundly grateful. One can never have too much music...unless one is [ profile] jakejr, in which case one would come perilously close ;)
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This review of GoF by a woman who has clearly never read the books makes me want to throttle something. It begins thusly:

I thought I knew what to expect. A couple of hours of child wizards casting spells, some japery involving flying broomsticks, a few owls and maybe some humorous interludes with a green elf. What I got was a two-and-a-half hour monster and death fest.

It gets worse from there, as the reviewer was undoubtedly playing solitaire on her cell phone, only bothering to glance up once in a while when the music sounded ominous or exciting. She consistently missed every single plot point, insisting that there was little to no story and things just happened. Yeah, not understanding why things are happening is a definite problem with a film, but I don't think this is what's happening this time. If you read the rest of her review you'll notice that she hasn't quite grasped some of the fundamental elements of the series, or that she's consciously choosing not to. My impression is that she's trying to be hip by not liking it, "See? I'm all contrarian and against such a popular series. And I could never be one of those silly fans that worship HP."

My fear is that all too many people will go into it with a mindset very much like hers...though Jesus, if you've seen Prisoner of Azkaban you have to have figured out that the series was going in a darker direction. Unless you consider Dementors the equivalent of little fluffy bunnies I guess. And the werewolf attack, what about that? Yes, in the tradition of all good classic stories, particularly fairy tales, things get really fucking dark. You want fluffy magic foo-foo go rent the fucking Care Bears.

Check out the excellent ranty fan response on [ profile] heidi8's post. And even though it infuriated me, thanks for pointing me at it, [ profile] ravenmb.

Good weekend, no complaints on that front and I got lots done to boot. Saturday was the dance recital which I chose to watch rather than participate in. I just felt too out of shape dance-wise and I couldn't remember most of the double veil routine the night before so that was that. It was nice, though as it gave me a chance to chat with S-, and to just relax and enjoy the dancing. The show itself was incredibly well done and all the performers were superb. I was grinning and clapping like a maniac the entire time.

Afterwards I headed home for a nice quiet evening of crafting and lazing about. Sunday I was jonesing for a Jamba and felt compelled to try out one of the new cherry flavor. Mighty Cherry Charger is hella good, though gods I wish they'd turn it into one of their enlightened smoothies. I just can't justify the 300+ calories in a sixteen size more than say, once a month or so. *sigh*

Met up with [ profile] tersa and [ profile] aelfsciene at the Farmer's Market and despite the wicked lavender people who showed up to tempt me with their wares, I was remarkably good. One small bottle of honeysuckle lotion for me, one small bottle of rose geranium for Aelf and that was it. After we parted I zipped down to SC for a shopping trip at Cosentino's and sushi at Ariake. The remains of the sushi will make an excellent lunch today, yum!

Didn't feel like staying up late to watch it last night so I recorded the History Channel's two hour program on the crusades. I'll try to squeeze watching it in tonight, but I doubt it'll happen before Thursday if I'm lucky. Mostly because I want to catch "Viva Blackpool" on BBC America tonight as I'm almost certain that the guy playing Doctor Who 10 is in this one, and the idea of a musical drama intrigues me. Tomorrow I go back to class at long last, and the troupe are already working out a new choreography for Rakkasah so I definitely want to be a part of that. Now whether I can perform in it or not is another thing, but I'd still like to help create it and, of course, learn it.
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Happy, happy birthday, [ profile] ophidiae! And a big thank you for the yummy goodness of the Halloween box you sent, Aelf and I had such fun opening it together!

If I could I should very much like to ask the gods of work related activities to please show a little mercy on me this week. Yesterday was oh my gods busy and today is looking much the same. And let's not even discuss tomorrow...*sigh* I really do need to leave early enough today to actually get to the store and cat sit for the neighbor, plus I'd love to clean up my bathroom and maybe run another load of laundry. But I'll settle for the cat sitting and shopping. It would be nice to have food around the place again.

On the other hand I've gotten lots done already this week both at work and home so I shouldn't complain. And my apartment once more looks like, well, an apartment rather than a cramped, dirty, somewhat seedy motel room. One more load of laundry and I'm going to be quite content indeed.
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I won't be around next week and I expect, aside from the few plans I've made, that this weekend will be pretty quiet too. Then there is Vegas Monday-Friday, during which time I hope not to so much as touch a computer. So I'll try to put up an "I'm back, and alive, and wasn't even arrested" post on the following Monday...that is if I can dig myself out from under a mountain of emails. *shudder*

Because I won't be posting or emailing during that time I won't be reading LJ's either, I'd be really grateful if, when you find something someone's posted next week that I really need to see, you'd post a link to it here in the comments. It'd be nice to have a head's up so I don't miss too much, you know? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to do so.
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According to a message in my inbox this morning I've just won the UK Lottery. Hey, go figure. Apparently they're doing an international one and I'm the big winner. I've got to say for a spam it's pretty thorough, they've even included little gifs of the lucky winning numbers (21,32,41,42,43,46 and of course 17). I was very sad that it wasn't, you know, the numbers as it would've been quite charming given that there's Lost tonight. I also got my first Nigerian bank scam spam this week as well, I need to discipline my spam filter a bit, clearly.

I'd forgotten how much fun I have at dance class and was reminded last night, I spent the entire evening laughing and smiling. It's just so damn much fun, and it felt great to be able to move again after two weeks of near inactivity. Also picked up the DVD of photos that R- put together for us from DDF. It's a lot of fun and Aelf is going to love it, he does some seriously loving close ups of her costume that will make her squee. Sadly I tended to get cut out of a lot of shots because of my placement (generally way in the back) or because I ended up on the wrong side. But what I could see looked pretty good, and I love the way my costume for that one photographs.

T- and I had a chance to chat and catch up which was delightful, I just adore her. She also mentioned that apparently the video game symphony Video Games Live will be in town apparently November 5th and it sounds like a fun event to me. It's at the Civic Auditorium and balcony seats in the $20 range appear to remain available. I've got a recital to go to until 5 that day, but should be able to run home, shower and eat in plenty of time to make it to this. Would anybody be interested? If you need more info on the show itself just go here, I've been reading very good reviews about it, though.

And before I forget again I'd meant to mention my favorite reaction so far to my new vanity plates. [ profile] tamago commented that she was amused by the juxtaposition of the Snape-ish plates and the "Powered by Jamba Juice" plate frame. I'd said I should get something more appropriately dignified for them but she disagreed and mused aloud, "If you get a Liberal Arts degree you're supposed to be well prepared to ask the question, 'Would you like fries with that?'. Perhaps with an Advanced Potions degree the question becomes, 'Would you like a boost with that?'" The mental image of a young Severus Snape grimly concocting Jamba Juice is one that continues to amuse me.

BTW, last night's DS interview between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly was such a hoot. Big Bill showed us once again why he's the biggest gaping asshole on television while Jon wittily, but with the restraint of a saint, skewered him mercilessly. My favorite moment, "You're right, we do add insult to injury...but *you're* adding the injury."


Oct. 18th, 2005 08:51 am
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Got lots done last night, not the least of which was grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I must share this as it was one of my few moments of *genius*. I picked up these garlid/portobello mushroom burgers they had that I'd never tried before and heated one up for dinner. Pulled out two slabs of shepherd's bread then decided to spread a little Chummus on them just to see what would happen. The result: taste orgasm.

I shit you not, this was like the best meal I've had in ages.

I have 3 patties left, one is earmarked for Aelf because she MUST TRY THEM, and the other two are all mine. But for a little over $2.00 for a package of 4 I believe I more than got my money's worth. Combined with some sesame honey almonds for dessert (damn you and your delectable nut selection Trader Joe's, damn you to hell!), and we're talking one seriously happy Ellie.

Of course I felt just decadent enough after such a meal to try a new abs workout routine that was deadly. I couldn't even make it through the entire thing and ended up hoarsely muttering, "No, Tammi dear, you do 12 reps, I'll do 8." But as far as obliques go, you can't beat this routine even if it does leave me whimpering for my mama. As inspiration for getting back up on the working out horse, I popped in my Bellydance Superstars dvd and stared at Rachel Brice's midsection. If you've never done this I highly recommend it, because her body comes as close to perfection as one can possibly hope to achieve in a lifetime. Now I know I'll never get there, not at my age, but it doesn't hurt to have goals and this one's slightly more realistic than sprouting large white feathered wings spontaneously from my back. Not by much, granted, but enough.

And tonight I finally get back to dance class as I feel like my old self again and am eating entirely normally, woo! Also the 3 pounds I lost while sick are actually staying off, go me! Now to keep them off while I'm on vacation in Vegas may be a bit tougher...


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