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I'm ridiculously proud of this one, it just came together *so* beautifully. Seriously, would love some feedback if you get a chance to give it a listen!

Red Ledger from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.

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So this mix came together in like two days, mostly due to the fact that the Pandora Caro Emerald station made it almost too easy. This is part one of my Tony/Pepper two-mix set.

The Lady Has Arrived from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.

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Finally got this posted, two words for you "Electro" and "Swing", it had to be done:

Still Swingin' After All These Years: A Captain America Mix from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.

Also spent a couple of hours last night reading Loki fic while listening to Götterdämmerung, all I could think was "This feels right. It just feels right." I blame Rexluscus for posting so damn many fantastic recs on her journal. She even got me to read Hulk/Loki...and like it! *sigh*
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I am roughly two songs away from my Mycroft Holmes mix, currently titled "How Mycroft Got His Groove Back". I nearly kicked myself last night when I realized I'd almost neglected to include "A Well Respected Man". D'oh.

Also putting together a Sherlock/John mix because it is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east I'm afraid. Also I blame a whole helluva lot of fantastic J/S fic. And the Tripod song, "Let's Take a Walk" pretty much demanded the creation of an entire mix based on it:

Let's take a walk, my love
Down by the river, my baby
Down where we used to go
Until the day when we found that body

Let's not forget, my love
It was our favourite spot once
Please don't let one bloated corpse
Ruin all our memories

I know you slipped down a muddy embankment
And landed on a rotting body
But please don't let that spoil that place for you
'Cause don't forget, we've kissed there, too!

(Oh, come on baby, get over it! I love you so much better than that dead body! I'd hate to think our relationship hung by a thread of whether we saw a body or not. Hey look, I've kept a momento! It's the stick we poked it with! Oh, come on baby! )

Oh, the memories were fantastic
Except for one guy wrapped in plastic
Down where we used to go
Until the day when we found that body

If that ain't a Sherlock love song I have no idea what is.
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If My F-List Wrote DH my favorite bits behind the cut: )
And tonight there will be OotP, and Snape and Lupin goodness. Life doesn't get much better than that.


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