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First I have a voice again, mostly. And it feels like only one side of my throat is swollen and one ear still painful so I'm counting that as a big plus. The return of at least some of my energy actually let me get some much needed work done around the house including taking the empty boxes out to the shed at long, long last. You have no idea how much that has been bugging me.

And laundry. Sweet, sweet laundry.

But that's not all I came here to say tonight. No, I just had to share this as well:

Yes, that is Michael Steele's blog on the official GOP website. Of course you may have trouble clicking on the link as the site seems to be crashing about every 10 minutes.

Over at Sadly, No! Brad comments:

It occurs to me that if he’s going to remake the Republican Party in a hip-hop image, Steele needs a hip-hop name. My nomination: Filibusta Rhymes.

Some of my faves from comments:

Mos Tone Def
Suppl-Eye Sidez
Token Loc

The possibilities are endless.

And on the subject of ridiculous Republican gaffes, did you hear about Al Franken's proposed amendment that would address the hideous gang rape of Jamie Leigh Jones:

In 2005, Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped by her co-workers while she was working for Halliburton/KBR in Baghdad. She was detained in a shipping container for at least 24 hours without food, water, or a bed, and “warned her that if she left Iraq for medical treatment, she’d be out of a job.” (Jones was not an isolated case.) Jones was prevented from bringing charges in court against KBR because her employment contract stipulated that sexual assault allegations would only be heard in private arbitration.

Franken described his amendment thusly:

The constitution gives everybody the right to due process of law … And today, defense contractors are using fine print in their contracts do deny women like Jamie Leigh Jones their day in court. … The victims of rape and discrimination deserve their day in court [and] Congress plainly has the constitutional power to make that happen.

So, you'd think nobody in their right mind would oppose such legislation...but you'd be mistaken. Yeah, I know it seems a bit hard to believe, but 30 Republicans actually voted "Nay". If this isn't used to literally bludgeon the political careers of each and every one of them to death I will officially give up on the Democratic party. Because seriously, this is mana from fucking heaven.
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It would be really, really nice if our engineers would quit breaking things.


Anyway on the plus side our traffic is improving daily right now and I'm taking that as a very good sign...even if I'm not quite sure where it's coming from at the moment.

On a personal note I continue to battle insomnia, which I'm convinced has some sort of physical root cause. My whole body feels off right now and I'm retaining water at least a week earlier than I should be on my normal schedule. Even my body chemistry is off and none of my scented lotions smell quite right on me at the moment. This, whatever it is, seems to be pretty cyclical, I'll feel crappy for a couple of weeks and then it'll just as mysteriously resolve itself and I'll be fine again and sleeping like a baby. But I've gotten to the point where even when I'm feeling good I know it's only a matter of time until the process starts all over again.

Apparently today is my day to whine, sorry about that.
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I'm thinking of putting a care package together for the delightful [livejournal.com profile] jakejr, so if you have anything you'd like to contribute please get it to me within the next week or so. If you're not sure what to contribute think citric-acid-sensitive grad student and you shouldn't miss the mark. I considered sending her some Ramen noodles just to be a wench but she'd probably just ask her boy to come over and smack me if I did.

Seems like everybody's going through some seriously stressful times right now, whether it's good stress or bad. I know the last two times I went to the doctor my blood pressure was starting to go up, which isn't a good sign. I can blame a lot of it on work but it's really just an excuse at this point. It's time to do something about it, not just talk about doing something. I'm so much happier when I'm exercising and meditating regularly and I must get back to that. Even though all I want to do when I get home is curl up and go to sleep that just isn't allowed any more.

PS- in case you didn't see the article, Jim Broadbent's been selected to play Horace Slughorn in movie 6. It's an interesting casting choice, not exactly what I had in my own mind for the character, but I bet he'll be a lot of fun. Many thanks to the [livejournal.com profile] odogoddess for linking to that one.
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Well I was supposed to have had my stitches out by now but sadly I've been rescheduled *twice* already. It's still supposedly happening today but if they call me one more time I'm going to ask if there isn't anyone over there with a pair of scissors who can take care of this for me. This is absurd.

And on the subject of health care I point you to Roy's latest post on the subject:

I lately noticed myself the growing concern with health care as a policy issue, and I think this discussion gives a clue as to why that is. Anyone who has looked at a medical bill with his name on it and compared the cost to what he pays for the other necessities of life might experience a memorable moment of terror, even if he is at the moment protected by the blessing of insurance. Health care coverage is, for a lot of us, contingent on employment, and in this groovy entrepreneural era we have learned to think of job security as a joke. Having carried post-employment COBRA payments myself, I know how the nervous feeling increases as one drifts further from the corporate zone of protection. I've gone without coverage, too, for long stretches, but that was back when America and I were younger; we are both greatly changed.

In general, I think this has a lot to do with the recent decline in Republican vote counts. Scandals, bad war management, and other factors aside, the GOP has been pushing its Ownership Society message for a good long time now. Americans have gloried in self-reliance since well before Emerson blew "a whistle from the Spartan fife." But when the numbers run so high against so many, when bankruptcy laws tighten and the possibility of washing the slate clean and starting over in another town is rendered laughable by computer-assisted tracking data, when a mortgage can so easily become the instrument of a working family's catastrophe, even a Spartan may begin to feel that the fix is in.
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As Amazon was kind enough to send me a $25 gift certificate for using their credit card I immediately turned around and pre-ordered my copy of Venture Brothers season 2. After dithering at [livejournal.com profile] jakejr about it, I realized it was definitely the right decision. Then used a few last dollars on the Rent.com $100 gift card I got for finding my current abode through them to do a little iTunes retail therapy. My massive XFiles mix is now turning into a two disk set, which I partially blame [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain, if she hadn't turned me on to Rufus Wainwright's "Crumb by Crumb" none of this would've happened.


Overall health-wise I'm feeling pretty good, though my stomach has taken a turn for the worse. I think I was a little too adventurous this weekend. But I've got a nice big bottle of Rolaids at work so all is well. I'm just going to try to be a little smarter for the rest of the week, nothing exciting, just nice bland healthy stuff.

Which reminds me I'm getting really sick of this whole weight gain and my body turning to flabby mush thing. So I'm trying to stay away from the completely unhealthy stuff and eating after 7 pm again. Also back to walking at least a half mile every night (weather and work permitting), which I'm hoping will help. At present I seem to have stabilized, but I'd really like to see the numbers start descending again. I'm about 10 pounds over where I'd like to be, but I'll happily settle for losing just 5.
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And the health hits just keep on comin'... )
For those who haven't read [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain's latest post please do so and send some love her way along with virtual hugs, she could really use them.
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Well, still no pain I don't get it but I can't say I'm sad not to have a tooth ache. Guess I was being a big baby over nothing. Must say I like the white filling stuff they're using now better than the old silver ones, much more attractive really. Tooth feels good, mouth feels good, stomach is mostly behaving, what more could a girl ask for?

Speaking of the whole stomach thing, I am such a dumbass. So I'd started feeling kind of tired and listless and achy over the weekend but I ignored it and just pushed through. Monday was eh, Tuesday I really started to feel horrible, and then, well yeah. So some little voice in the back of my brain says, "Hey, we've experienced this set of symptoms before." Then it helpfully supplied, "You know, it's kind of like the last time you were borderline anemic, remember that? Do you recall what helped with that? Yeah, those iron supplements you're supposed to be taking." D'oh! So I got back on them yesterday and today I feel much better. Go figure.

*sigh* I am so s-m-r-t sometimes.

Still alive

Jul. 5th, 2006 12:48 pm
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So I think I've developed an intolerance for nuts...which is brand new and highly unpleasant. Had some cashews on Sunday and Monday I paid for it, oh how I paid. Had my beloved Rama Thai with peanut sauce last night, and I got little sleep and woke up in serious pain. I called in, dropped the sisters at the train station and curled up fetal in bed until about 11. That seemed to help (though I suspect the not eating was what helped the most), and today it's all Gatorade all the time and a lot of doing nothing at all.

My digestive tract has become my worst enemy, this sucks so very, very much.
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Yep, I'm home sick again but fortunately I was able to get an appointment with another doctor in the department, which I'll be leaving for in about an hour. The doctor's name is actually "Allegria", I'm taking that as a good sign.

Anyway, last night was the worst to date, I took some Tylenol PM which usually knocks me on my ass for at least 8 hours. I was out for 4 and I've been awake since about 12:30 until now feeling nauseated and awful. I couldn't face food last night and today I can handle some Gatorade and that's about it. According to the scales I'm down 4 pounds since Sunday. It feels weird to get on a scale and dread seeing a lower number after spending so many years celebrating that very thing. Very weird indeed.

I wish I could believe I'd get some sort of answer for all of this today, even if it's a bad answer, but I'm afraid I've lost most of my faith. I just know I can't take much more of this.
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So for all those interested, the procedure went fine on Friday and I was mostly my normal self by Saturday. Thankfully I was drugged enough Friday evening that I didn't get quite as upset as I could have by the spanking the Oilers delivered to the Sharks. Ah well. Anyway the doctor didn't find an ulcer but did biopsy an odd, irritated area in my lower stomach so that may have been what was causing all the trouble. It may be a while before I get the results, though.

In other news I've discovered a whole new allergy! Apparently I shouldn't go near, nor handle anything in the grain family. Seriously, between the sneezing and the mild breakout of hives it's just not worth it. On the other hand, cooked, processed grains seem to be just fine for me to eat, so that's good. It has inspired me to ask my doctor about getting tested to find out just what I am allergic to and maybe getting shots to stave off the worst of the reactions. This weekend, though, was just hideous allergy-wise, with or without the grain. Something's in the air right now that's got my throat, inner ears, and sinuses going mad. Lucky me.

Aside from that, there's not much to report except that I now have in my possession photographs of the inside of my stomach which I suspect is not something most people can claim.
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Last night after watching the latest glorious Dr. Who ep, "School Reunion", I was a bit weepy and overly emotional. It just so happened that TCM was running a Bette Davis day and playing "Dark Victory" so of course I had to record it. By the end I was an absolute sobbing wreck, just couldn't stop crying. DV always makes me weepy, but I just lost it last night. And you know what? All that crying and nose blowing effectively finished clearing out my sinuses! I've got a little residual soreness today but no pressure! Bette Davis has cured me! :)

I'm celebrating today with an "all fruit" Jamba smoothie which is to die for.


May. 1st, 2006 03:14 pm
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Ok so I'm staying home again today as breakfast was just not happening this morning and the call of my bed was much too strong. I think it's just a cold this time, being feverish and tired all weekend, sneezing my head off, and of course the ever present nausea, what fun. I'll be hating life when I get back to the office tomorrow, but I'll think about that then, in the meantime I managed a Jamba and drugstore run so I'm feeling a bit better. Hopefully despite being generally run down lately, I can shake this off fairly quickly.

For the moment I think I'll follow the cats' lead and take another nap.


Apr. 26th, 2006 09:05 am
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So sleepy today, mostly 'cause I stayed up way too late watching the hockey game last night and since I'm on the no caffeine diet, I can't even turn to coffee to wake me up. Totally worth it, though, to see my pretend hockey husband Patrick Marleau just dominate the game offensively and defensively. If I were the Preds I'd be seriously considering just going home today and not risking another spanking on Thursday.

Also spent last night with my new clandestine mini-troupe mates making plans for our first choreography and costumes together. Yeah, I know, I probably shouldn't be making such plans until I figure out what's going on with my body, but it is fun to think about getting back to dance again. I'm not sure if they settled on a veil piece after I left, but the other musical selections are going to be a whole lot of fun to do. I do worry a little that I kind of rode Aelf's coattails into an invite to join the group, but hopefully I can contribute a little something to make my presence worthwhile. We shall see.

Oh, so I had the CT scan done yesterday and it was actually quite dull. The worst part was drinking this noxious fluid that tasted a bit like bad, watered down orange Tang. And I had half an hour to drink 3 huge glasses of it. I made it through 2 1/2 and the nurse agreed that it was better than having it all come back up again, so 2 1/2 would just have to do. I liked the nurse a lot, and we chatted while I was getting put into position and then again when I got the iodine i.v. She noticed my pentacle ring and I waited for a reaction. Her response was to ask if I'd been to PantheaCon, so I liked her even more. I have to say the most interesting part of the whole procedure was getting the iodine i.v., the sensation that just races through your body is amazing, though the nasty metallic taste it leaves behind is less fun. I can still taste it a little today :P

No news yet, and actually it's unlike the CT would show anything conclusive anyway so I'm not expecting much from the whole experience.
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So for all those interested, I had a nice chat with the head of the GI department who is under the impression that whatever is wrong with me, it isn't an ulcer. Good news and bad news that, ulcers are child's play to cure these days, on the other hand not having an open sore on a major internal organ's not exactly the end of the world either.

But this doesn't get me out of all the tests, oh no. So CT scan on Tuesday and endoscopy whenever I can get an appointment for one. Apparently whatever they drug you with for the latter is so good that you're not even allowed to take a cab home after it. The nurse commented that I probably didn't want to go changing my will for at least 24 hours afterwards, nor making any other major decisions. I just laughed and promised not to.

I suspect I won't do much that afternoon save sleep, and perhaps sleep a bit more.

Ah well, nothing yet to report but maybe a few answers soon enough. Oh, and interestingly enough my doc's family was originally from the Ukraine as well. Seems to be quite a few of us ou there :)


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