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Hee, somebody actually put together a rockin' video for the Tony Goldmark song Sirius Black, it's a hoot, check it out!
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Just caught this on Robot Chicken and had to share it. Harry, Hermione and Ron face their greatest threat, the curse of Pubertis! This is totally worth it for the Snape and Hermione bit. I nearly snorted Gatorade when I watched it.


Dec. 19th, 2005 08:45 pm
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Lookee, Yule Ball pics!

Also, a superb music video for Snape and Lupin to Perfect Enemy by [livejournal.com profile] persempreamore.

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Ok I don't even watch Family Guy, but I've seen enough to think this is pretty fucking hilarious:

Someone save me from myself.

I just got thwapped by a bunny involving Voldemort being reincarnated as Harry's son... who of course would be just like Stewie from Family Guy.

Voldemort: I say, what the devil are you doing to my followers?

Harry: I'm sorry, sweetie, but your teddy needs to be washed.

Voldemort: Lucius? Lucius! Oh, he'll be impossible to deal with until his stuffing has dried. Do you realize what you've done, man?

Harry: Aw, don't cry. Won't it be wonderful to have a nice clean teddy?

Voldemort: Hmm, you do have a point. I must say, Lucius was starting to resemble-- Oh dear god, you've washed Severus too! Damn you, man, are you trying to incite a coup d'état?

Harry: Someone's overdue for his nap.

Voldemort: Blast it all, you bespectacled demon! I don't want a nap! I have to prepare against my servants' rebellion. I have to-- mmph! Mmm, binky...

*giggles madly*
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Have you ever had such a wonderful weekend that you don't even know where to start describing it? I'm faced with that very problem today. I admit I went into this busy, busy weekend with a bit of trepedation. I mean I haven't had the energy to face a full 48 hours packed with stuff in a long while. I guess I keep expecting my body to fall apart again and leave me curled up fetal somewhere for a good portion of the time.

Not dealing with nausea, pain and fatigue is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Despite not slowing down since leaving work Friday I feel utterly energized today, excited, ready to take on almost anything. It helped that before I left Friday I got an update on the work my team's been doing on my first big game production and I was utterly floored. I have the best people working for me in the entire world, bar none. Between them, my exquisitely talented writer and my frighteningly good artist I couldn't be happier.

Zoomed down from work to pick up [livejournal.com profile] ravenmb, and after a little miscommunication at the terminal we were on our way. Stopped at [livejournal.com profile] tersa's to change into our Hogwarts costumes, then off to the Mercado. Parking was dicey, but after about 10 minutes of driving around we lucked into a spot and made it to the restaurant pretty much on time. [livejournal.com profile] rexluscus joined the gang a bit later and we had a wonderful meal, and delightful conversation. The line wasn't bad at all when we got into it, and we amused ourselves during the wait without any difficulty. We also amused many others in line and some folks just passing by as well. I must coax [livejournal.com profile] tersa into uploading them because the dueling Gryffindor/Slytherin shot needs to be an icon rather badly. She got a sneaky one of me too which I call "Portrait of a Ravenclaw with cell phone". I may caption it, "What do you mean I only get one bar at Hogwarts?"

And now my brief but spoilery review of GoF (with some HBP spoilers as well). )

Saturday I had some time for errands and laundry (yay!), then met up with the gals to watch [livejournal.com profile] tersa and [livejournal.com profile] ravenmb play the GoF game, then Aelf joined us and we took off for dinner and a little shopping. Then there was hockey, which started off badly, but then the Pod Sharks came out on the ice in the second period so it became a lot more interesting. It's always sad to lose in a shootout, but I'll take that over a complete shut out, you know?

Yesterday we had brunch at Baji's, which is quickly becoming a tradition, before splitting up. I procured IMAX tickets (yay!), did a bit of packing over at J- and J-'s place, then zoomed home to change for dinner. We had the restaurant to ourselves for most of the evening, which meant pretty attentive waiters and a nice relaxing chance for [livejournal.com profile] ravenmb, [livejournal.com profile] jimweasel, Aelf and I to chat. Our dancer for the evening was Parri, and as there were very few people by the time she arrived, we got a great deal of her attention. Suffice to say that everyone at our table got their shot at the spotlight. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. She came over and joined us after the show, and mentioned some dance opportunities for Aelf so that was cool. We also got caught up on the latest dance gossip :)

And that's about it, I got home around 9:30, just in time to snag some earrings that Aelf needed for a gift since she was trapped on 17 hell, poor thing. Tonight I clean my apartment, tomorrow's packed with work stuff, then Wednesday I have some cat sitting to attend to and that's about it before the holiday, woo!
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For those interested Warner Bros. and the Today show are doing a "Triwizard Tournament Sweepstakes" (www.today.msnbc.com) and will feature the following actors on the Today show:

Daniel Radcliffe - Thursday, November 10th
Rupert Grint - Monday, November 14th
Emma Watson - Tuesday, November 15th
Emma Watson & Rupert Grint, November 19th

The prizes actually aren't too shabby:

First Prize: Dragons of the First Task Statute and “Scene It? Harry Potter DVD Game.”
Second Prize: Hogwarts Houses Quidditch Chess Set and “Scene It? Harry Potter DVD Game.”
Third Prize: Limited Edition “Goblet of Fire” pewter recreation (5,000 units worldwide) and “Scene It? Harry Potter DVD Game.”
Fourth Prize: Triwizard Cup (replica) and “Scene It? Harry Potter DVD Game.”

I suspect that "Scene It?" game is going to end up on my wish list this year...
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So I got home and was feeling more than a little sorry for myself because I'd had to go into work early and stay so late I missed class...and of course I'll be stuck at work late on Thursday too, so...yeah. Anyway, I finally clicked on the GOF spoiler scenes [livejournal.com profile] ravenmb sent me earlier and I have to say this clip damn near killed me. Holy god, if the rest of the movie is even half this charming and funny my fangirl squeeing shall be heard all the way back east by my family.

A little more detail for those who do not fear the spoilage. )
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Ok guys, I need captions for this baby:

My first thought, "Must clear out all that Hagrid and Draco slash...."


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