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Technically the movie comes out on video tonight at midnight and, yes, I was considering heading to a Best Buy to enjoy the release with my fellow Marvel-nuts...but I'm resisting. Barely. To help with that, it's the final day of fic recs.

First one I totally didn't expect to fall head over heels for: Amateur Theatrics

In which Thor’s primary problem-solving method (a mighty blow from Mjolnir) fails to have the desired effect on a magical artifact, and his secondary method (a mightier blow from Mjolnir) proves to be actively disastrous.

Why you should read it: It's a wonderful Clint POV fic where he alone manages to avoid the magical fallout from Loki's latest plot. I won't give away most of the antics, suffice to say Tony is just about the only one who actually enjoys his outcome, but it is a de-aged Loki story and little Loki is adorable and yet still quintessentially Loki. It's charming, fun and has great characterizations of everyone.

And continuing the fun recs I have to point you to Candy Shop:

Calling the Avengers Tower an "embarrassment of riches" is a shameful understatement.

Why you should read it: Pepper and Natasha talking about the boys, comparing notes, and tossing around a few theories. Because The Avengers is so a chick flick, just my kind of chick flick.

One last one, Curving Like the Ocean:

"You want me to have HR arrange some team building for you?" Fury sounds incredibly skeptical.

"No, no. God, no." Tony shudders at the thought of trust falls and talking about his feelings. "Pool party in Malibu. I've already got Darcy working on it."

Why you should read it: Hilarity from start to finish, also Darcy and Tony plot to throw the sexiest pool party in history. Tony and Darcy are a combination that should be front and center in more stories, they really just should, they're sort of like a snarky force of nature. Speaking of:

"Mmmm--Clint--wait--" Clint backs off a little. Darcy almost melts at the hot look in his eyes, but she has a mission here. Nookie can wait for a few. "I need to run something past you so that you don't have a jealousy melt-down."

Clint looks suspicious. "Does this have something to do with Stark?"

"No, I keep telling you, it's like he's the Darcy from the genderswap AU universe. The two of us would collapse the space-time continuum if we tried anything." Darcy huffs an impatient breath at his baffled look. "Anyway, it's not Tony. I just wanted to give you a heads-up that I'm going to grope Captain America. For justice."

Also the Clint/Darcy stuff? Hotness. And it contains my all time favorite OT3, Tony/Pepper/Bruce, so yay!
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Yeah ok I missed day 4, mostly because of dance practice so sorry about that. In order to make it up I've got not only fic recs but a piece of insanity shared with me by [livejournal.com profile] tersa.

First the crazy: This Loki & Thor Snuggle Blanket Puts You In The Middle Of A Norse God Sandwich. It truly must be seen to be believed. Don't suppose they make one with just Loki?

Ok so let's get back to the funny tonight with That was Mean. Why you should read it: the original prompt was what if Bruce was actually the most effective troll in the history of trolldom? I will just say Tony has a spit-take in this one and I very nearly did the same thing when I read that bit of the story. Seriously funny stuff.

“Steve, you know I’ll catch you up on anything you want to know, right? It’s the least I can do,” Bruce purred. Tony stared at his lab partner, trying to figure out what his game was.

“Well… there is one thing,” Steve opened up, spurred on by Bruce’s sweet guileless expression. “How does the internet work?”

Bruce took a deep breath, “That’s a really good question, Steve. Not dumb at all. The answer is that we really don’t know all the details, but basically the internet runs on something called ‘The Force’, which is an energy field that surrounds us and binds the universe together. Does that make sense?” Bruce asked the last question with an air of didactic concern, which would have made Tony reflect that he’d probably been a great college professor if his mind hadn’t been so busy reeling from the fact that under that sweet slightly rumpled exterior beat the heart of a stone cold troll.

“Yeah… I guess…”

“Now, some humans have special abilities to control the Force, and they’re called Jedi. They’re very powerful, and very good. You should actually see if you can get Fury to give us a couple for the team. I’d ask myself, but…” Bruce gestured at himself self deprecatingly, as if daring Steve to say Fury would pay attention to the ideas of a tipsy scientist/monster in a second hand suit.

Second is May the Fourth: So Tony invents lightsabers. Yeah, lightsabers. Clint and Tasha demand the first two prototypes, it just gets better from there.

When Tony arrives on the helicarrier the next morning, the Imperial March starts playing over the PA system every time he passes through a doorway.

Tony is going to find the person who arranged for that and offer them any job they want at SI, up to and including his own.

"Seriously?" says Bruce.

"Everything is proceeding as I have forseen it," says Tony, and sweeps off to find another door to enter.
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Continuing my "God why isn't The Avengers out already?!" fic recs I give you: Silvertongue, a more lengthy and serious piece than I have been recommending thus far. I actually listened to the podfic version which is absolutely fantastic and highly, highly recommended.

Why you should read it: this fic manages to fix pretty much every plot hole in Thor and explain most if not all of Loki's actions in Avengers as well. And yeah, ok, so the story also pretty much redeems Loki and I may have a soft spot for Loki fic where he not only comes out as brilliant, three steps ahead of pretty much everyone, snarky, manipulative, petty, devious, driven and...kinda heroic. And uh, yeah I did cry at the end.

Frigga looks at Loki, and in her eyes he sees sadness, he sees loss, he sees grief... and love. In Frigga's eyes, Loki can see understanding, and for that he smiles again, grateful. She masks her expression, replacing it with a mask of polite disinterest, the quiet dignity of the crown. In silence, the Queen of Asgard turns her back on Loki.

In that moment, Loki feels blessed.

"Brother," Thor says. He is weeping, tears tracking down his cheeks. "Why... why are you doing this?"

It is the easiest lie that Loki has ever told.

He meets Thor's gaze, squarely, the bitter smile in place on his face, and Loki tells him, "Because I hate you, Thor. I always have." His gaze stays steady, unwavering, until Thor is the one to look away.
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Some fics you should not miss.

First from the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender-

[livejournal.com profile] pikabot has started posting an incredible story focusing on one of my favorite characters, the evil spirit Koh. It's called Great Spirit of the Dark and is not only a fantastic read right off the bat, but fleshes out a coherent and lush cosmology for the series:

Back and forth the argument went, and as it did the other siblings began to take sides. Tui immediately rushed to La's aid, as she always did. Ilza fell in with Gan, perhaps less out of agreement with Gan than out of disagreement with Tui. Basha, who found land far too restrictive, agreed with La, while Ashin supported Gan, fearing for the fate of his own area of dominion, should the world be covered in water.

Tysha, whose domain was being co-opted as figureheads by both sides of the argument, declared the whole issue silly and said she wanted nothing to do with it.

Wan Shi Tong said nothing, and recorded everything.

And there are two drabbles from [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain on today's rec's that shouldn't be missed-

Sokka Adrift (Sokka missing Yue)
(Uncle Iroh tries to teach his nephew an important lesson via his favorite medium, tea)

Switching over to XFiles fandom I highly, highly recommend the following stories-

by Penumbra

He stole a look at her as she pressed open her book and touched a passage with her finger. Lately there was a little curl at the tips of her hair that was driving him quietly mad. After their time apart her Hibernian features pierced him anew. And among her many glints of sagacity, she could now read Ancient Navajo.

and Contact High (a follow up to the episode "Field Trip"

Scully tries to pinpoint the biggest thrill of her life. A veteran of great dry spells of sexual somnambulism, she is periodically plunged into a vortex of erotic preoccupation by seemingly random strangers. Ed. Padgett. But, ultimately, it is Mulder who has cornered the market on stroking her libido to a jagged edge, who prompts cardiac gyrations, breathlessness, and impromptu daydreams; and it is Mulder who holds the record for the longest starring run in her late-night fantasy theater, playing a secret agent man
with all the right moves. Typecasting, she suspects.

And a story that reached out and grabbed me from the start was Things that Lie Outside by [livejournal.com profile] jetfic (a follow up to the episode "Paper Hearts")-

Went down into the pine, into the thick and green. Sharp needled and sandy, swollen with mud and moss,slicked with ice, sweating under beams of sun fallen like swords. Went down the warped stairs, over the smoothed skipping stones, rock with devil horns and a
rise of razor teeth, streams that rushed, late, late, over the incline. Went down into the wiry feathers, the nests of brush and thorn, the pockets of rancid rats, acorn, eggs, crisp hollow cicada. Weeds threaded through, worms came with small mouths, leaves floated and warped and froze.
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This Ozai's Angels vid is superb, if you like ass kicking girls just press play:

Oh and:

The Great Avatar Fic-Reccing Thread!


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