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You know that scene at the end of "Return of the King" where Frodo is lying there next to Sam on the slopes of Mount Doom stunned that his quest, his impossible, awful quest is finally at long last over. In a weird way I sort of know how he feels. My own version of chucking The One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom was finishing the longest fic I've ever written in a fandom I had, until April of last year, never dared write a word in.

And it's now done, Ingenue wrapped up at just over 95,000 words. Not a huge amount I suppose, but it sure as heck felt like an uphill slog to me. But it did allow me to prove to myself that I could actually finish something that long without being prodded by anything more than the occasional feedback comment. The other thing it did was give me a daily practice that allowed me to easily produce 1,500-4,000 words per week. Not, perhaps the highest quality words every single week, but the momentum was really important. I missed precisely one week of posting and that was entirely intentional over the holidays, other than that I posted every single week, even with [livejournal.com profile] aelfsciene's wedding stuff and two surgeries to deal with. Gotta' admit I'm proud of that.

The other thing it did for me was prove that I didn't need to go into a story with every single element of the plot worked out. Indeed with this one I knew where I was starting, writing an Anthea backstory in my case, and where I was ending, giving an explanation for the end of Scandal in Belgravia that made more sense to me. But the rest I made up on the fly, creating a variety of characters, embellishing a bunch more, and even offering Sherlock series canon scenes from a different perspective. I ended up answering questions I didn't even realize I had about the series and more often than not I was just as surprised by the answers as my readers probably were.

In other words I stepped way outside of my comfort zone when it comes to writing and just sort of...winged it really. I think it worked, I certainly didn't get much in the way of negative feedback and a good deal of positive. Not too bad really.

The only problem now is that a big part of me wants to just take some time off and give myself a break from writing...the other part thinks "Don't lose your damn momentum!" and wants to keep going with, well something. The question now is, do I play around with the Avengers fic I've been considering, go back to my Snupin novel-length sequel to "Scale of Dragon..." or get to work on my damn original novel. Decisions, decisions.
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...of my fanfic Ingenue, and in honor of finally finishing the monster (I will stay under 100,000 words, I'm sure of it) I uploaded my accompany fanmix:

That's not my name... from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.
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TV please stop teasing me with the fact that Avengers comes out on DVD/BR next week 'cause I know. I KNOW. I pre-ordered like the day after I first saw it. I'm going to be completely useless next weekend because I'm going to be doing nothing but watching the movie and the special features over and over again.

In the meantime more fic. Today I'm going dark with a couple of my favorite Bruce depression fics. The first deals with Bruce getting low and actively trying to work out a way to end his own life. If suicidal ideation is triggering for you please skip this one. Why should you read it? This is one of the most realistic and well written glimpses into a depressed mind that I've ever read. How the team finds out and how they pull together to deal with it, especially (oddly enough) Thor is amazing:


Second is an equally dark, if not darker story that really delves into the friendship between Tony and Bruce. The story starts with Tony suffering from a mystery ailment, the cause is enough to drive Bruce to absolute despair and Tony to desperation. Why you should read it: this one I've re-read at least half a dozen times and it makes me tear up every single time. Warning, depression and character death.

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Just saw my first Avengers on DVD/Blu-ray commercial and I squeaked aloud. Oh yeah, I got it bad. In the meantime I'm making fanmixes like crazy and reading fic like there's no tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I really have to rec The Helicarrier:

avengers mockumentary fic. set half a year or so after the events of the movie.

"I run a Twitter account called Shit Thor Says." Tony holds the phone up to the camera. "It has over two hundred thousand followers."
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Finally got this posted, two words for you "Electro" and "Swing", it had to be done:

Still Swingin' After All These Years: A Captain America Mix from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.

Also spent a couple of hours last night reading Loki fic while listening to Götterdämmerung, all I could think was "This feels right. It just feels right." I blame Rexluscus for posting so damn many fantastic recs on her journal. She even got me to read Hulk/Loki...and like it! *sigh*
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Wow I am slacking hardcore on updates these days. I am writing, I'm just writing actual stories and such rather than journal updates so I guess that's something. For those interested my fic is now mostly going up on Archive of Our Own, my AO3 page is here. My new Sherlock work is up there and one of my old Snupin fics. For those into Sherlock fic also check out my bookmarks because I've got some awesome stories linked up there.

What else? Ah yes, I entered Sherlockology's fiction contest, which was madness. I had about a week to come up with a 3,000 word Sherlockian story using only canon characters. As you might expect, the hardest bit was keeping it under 3,000 words (I think I had about 20 to spare). It took me 4 tries to come up with something I felt worthy of sending in and had a fit of nerves before I pulled the trigger but I did it and it felt good to know I'd at least tried. If it gets chosen it'll be published in an anthology they're releasing to help save Undershaw, the house Doyle wrote most of the Holmes stories in. It's a great cause and it'd be incredibly cool to be able to help them out in some small way.

Aside from that I was killing time until the Marvel Marathon. Yep, spent Thursday in a theater watching all of the Marvel flicks back to back before the new one at midnight. It was a lot of fun and the crowd was seriously into it. It was kind of nice as we were all wearing lanyards that when we saw one another outside the theater we'd grin and nod. Everyone in and around one another's rows got to know each other pretty well and we all chatted and geeked out between films.

Now some spoilery thoughts on The Avengers )
In short if you love comics, particularly Marvel comics, you need to see this movie. Go buy your ticket now, you won't regret it.
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OMG Sherlock fanfic has swallowed my soul, seriously, it's good if I can remember to do things like laundry and dishes. The worst thing is I think the more I read the more intimidated I get about being able to write myself. I mean I used to be pretty good but now I look at things I produce and I hate everything I produce. I'm locked up with both writer's block and artist's block and it's really, really annoying.

Especially since I have an upcoming deadline to make :(

Any suggestions for getting past said blocks would be very welcome.
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Ok this article on Deathly Hallows is incredibly good, particularly for those of us who recognize that really, when it comes right down to it, the HP books are all about Severus Snape. Doubt me? Read the article spoilery bits behind the cut )

Yay for ficcy goodness!

[livejournal.com profile] ricky_a pointed me at The World of the Living this wonderful HP/DM slash fic, not my usual 'ship, but how could I possibly refuse one written from Luna's POV?

"I'm, uh..." Even through the closed door, she can hear him draw a deep breath. "Luna, would you mind coming back a little later? I'm not quite decent at the moment."

Luna raises her eyebrows. "Is that 'I'm in my underpants' not-quite-decent or 'I'm in the shower with Draco' not-quite-decent?"

For a moment, there's absolute silence on the other side of the door.

Then Draco's voice replies, matter-of-factly, "The latter."

"Okay," Luna says with a satisfied nod, "then I'll come back later."

And now I'm off to read some Riddle-fic :)

Hot damn!

Jun. 28th, 2007 08:04 pm
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For those watching this season's Doctor Who, and so long as you're caught up with the latest episode, you really must read Mastery by [livejournal.com profile] ariafic, because OMG it is the yum. And of course it's slashy 'cause, well, so is this season pretty much :)
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Holy freakin' god, [livejournal.com profile] isildurs_babe just did an illo inspired by my story Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf that is so friggin' cool I must link to it:


I am quite literally bouncing off walls. I never expected anything like the response the story has received so far, and this...wow...this just makes my lifetime! It's completely work safe, I promise, what are you still doing here? Go look!

I swear I'm going to be squeeing for the rest of the day :)
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Finally my inherent laziness paid off yesterday. I took my car in for an early oil change after the Vegas trip and the nice people at the dealership washed my car for me. And believe me, half of Nevada was sticking to my car when I drove it in there. But the Potions Mobile now looks as good as she did driving off the lot oh so many moons ago. Yay Honda!

I'm currently debating adding to the body count in the story I'm working on. The character I have in mind totally deserves to get killed, would fit into the killer's overall "theme" and would bring the tally up from only 4 (which isn't that much for a serial killer) to 5, which is much more respectable. The problem is I think it's going to take me off on another huge detour in a story that's moved past "fanfic" and into "novel" territory. And I already have to write in a bunch more scenes that should've come earlier in the story and didn't (I spent some time last night asking myself, "Hey, wouldn't Character X ask Character Y about this?" "I...er...well...fuck!"), and then there's the final confrontation with the killer and the aftermath yet to do.

So basically, as much as I like the idea, I'm thinking the body count might stay where it is. It's disappointing but overall I can't see it adding much to the story. Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] moonlightnrain, I tweaked the soundtrack again, but the song "Steady as She Goes" just had to start the mix once I'd really listened to it. So your extended remix is now outdated again. But this time I'm done. Really. For sure.
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So I bitched and whined and cajoled and outright pleaded with [livejournal.com profile] rexluscus to please, please, please write me some Snape/Karkaroff fic after seeing GoF, and she did. Oh lord did she ever! Even if this pairing isn't exactly something you'd normally read, you really should give Fair Weather Friend a try. Seriously, just take my word for it, this story is incredibly hot, amazingly well characterized, and exquisitely written. I love Rex's take on Severus, it's unflattering and simultaneously sympathetic. She writes with a confidence and grace I admire tremendously, and I think you'll adore her work as much as I do.
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Oh sweet Lady, I haven't read a fic that made me laugh this hard in a very long time. How a Gay Man Should Please a Gay Woman in Bed, According to Luna Lovegood by [livejournal.com profile] snegurochka_lee is a story that simply must be pimped, it's clever, witty, fun and just porny enough to get the blood really pumping. I will warn you, though, you may never look at Luna Lovegood quite the same way again ;)


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