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Jun. 28th, 2007 08:04 pm
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For those watching this season's Doctor Who, and so long as you're caught up with the latest episode, you really must read Mastery by [ profile] ariafic, because OMG it is the yum. And of course it's slashy 'cause, well, so is this season pretty much :)
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Had a mostly nice quiet weekend, with the exception of my birthday dinner Friday night. I love Shabuway and always have a great time (it's like dinner and a spa treatment all in one!) but trying to hold a conversation with anyone sitting more than one seat away from you is impossible. And because of the nature of the meal vegetarians had to be strictly segregated from the omnivores. There is also the blaring J-pop to deal with. But oh the food is so amazing and the atmosphere is fun...and well boiling your own food and eating it really is far more enjoyable than it might sound. :)

Saturday was costume completion day after meeting up with [ profile] moonlightnrain and [ profile] tersa for breakfast. Aelf and I hit a couple of costume shops and I found the perfect wig for Bellatrix, which completes the ensemble. Then we went to the Salvation Army and walked away with some clothing and costume bits. [ profile] cyranocyrano, if you're still interested in doing Gene Hunt for the party we've found your tie.

Sunday was farmer's market, then off to Qigong class which I'm still very much enjoying. I don't feel like I've mastered anything yet but the chi work we did this time around was just amazing. There's nothing like leaving a class buzzing with energy, but not the hyperactive kind, a well grounded, low-key variety. Then I zoomed up to [ profile] elo_sf's for Doctor Who, which left me asking just one question...

Why in the hell did I have to wait through an entire season of dreck to get to the awesomeness of Utopia? )


Jul. 23rd, 2006 11:34 am
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[ profile] rhea_zombi has created one of the best Doctor Who videos I've ever seen. It's to the Stereophonic's "Rewind" and it works beautifully. Really good editing, and only minorly spoilery for those who haven't seen Series 2. Give it a look!

It's on!

Jul. 23rd, 2006 11:02 am
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Heh, for those who have seen the series 2 ender, I share with you the ultimate Doctor verbal smackdown, kind of the intergalactic version of "Yo mama". If you haven't watched series 2 yet don't click the link 'cause it's spoilery as hell.

"This is not war, this is pest control."

Also spoilery, but funny as hell, the alternate ending to the series finale. Much thanks to [ profile] elo_sf for posing that one.

And on an unrelated note, [ profile] cyranocyrano located a flash music video for "Skullcrusher Mountain"!
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Thought some of you might enjoy this site full of remixes of the Dr. Who theme!
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Ok must babble about the new Dr. Who a bit... )

BTW, this site created for the Cybermen episode rocks. The password to get to the juicy files is "nemesis", could definitely be considered spoilery. They look quite cool, but are still the fuckers who killed Adric, so we hates them, yes we does.
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So, um, if anybody were to download a copy of the "Christmas Invasion" and burn it to dvd, that would be really, really cool. Not that I'm encouraging folks to do anything that might be considered illegal, of course...


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