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Birthdate:Jun 14
Location:California, United States of America
I prefer to remain an enigmatic woman of mystery, but I will say I'm a raging geek fangirl, bellydance nut, political wonk and a plant whisperer.

For those who are interested you can find all of my fanmixes here:, give 'em a listen and let me know what you think!

Libertarianism Makes You Stupid

by Seth Finkelstein

Also, food for thought:

Life On Mars is love

by gabenut

Fic I like

"If one has been denied simple human respect long enough one discovers that fear can often be a satisfactory replacement."
"I had no idea why I'd come, what I'd expected to find there, only that I very much wanted Lupin to ask after my health. I wanted him to offer me a cup of tea and a sad, knowing smile. I wanted his eyes to roam over me, to take in the fear, the bone weary certainty of what was to come. I wanted someone else to know and to care that I had seen my own doom and was powerless to stop it."Certainty by Me!


"Now who's procrastinating?"
"Ah but I've embraced my procrastination. Indeed I've tossed it on my bed and
had my wicked way with it."Procrastination by Me!

My remaining Snupin fics:

The Perfect Drug

Living Legend

The Devil in the Details

A Slightly Scorched Serenade


A Fine Romance

And my full length Snupin murder/mystery novella: Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf


As they stepped out onto the street, both immediately closed up their coats. The temperature had dropped a good twenty degrees with the setting of the sun and the wind was beginning to have a definite bite. Claire wondered if walking Trevor home was really necessary. Of course, imagining him heading straight for Taggerdy's to undo everything she'd managed to achieve during the meeting led her to the conclusion that it definitely was. "I hope divinity gives you a higher core body temperature too, it's freezing out here!"

He grunted and thrust both hands quickly into his pockets. "Thank you so very much, Uncle Hades."


Glancing up with a grimace, Trevor elucidated his therapist. "You know, he gets a happy when he sees Persephone, goes all neanderthal, does a snatch and grab and takes off with her on his chariot. Actually I've gotta' admit that was one incredibly cool ride, had sixty inch diameter wheels on that bad boy, four inch iron spikes, and a black leather interior. He used to spend centuries souping it up, that was before he settled down with Sephie, of course. After she moved in the chariot was the first thing to go. Suddenly all he wants to talk about is marble flooring and lawn care. Sad really." The look of absolute puzzlement on Claire's face brought him abruptly back to the point. "Oh come on, surely the public school system in this country isn't that lacking. Hades grabs Aunt Sephie, her mom Demeter gets ticked royal and decides to give everybody the cold shoulder, literally, until her baby girl comes home. Gramps finally comes up with a solution...kinda’ like a timeshare type deal, and while Hades is getting his share of boo-tay the rest of us are freezing ours off."

Love Slave a Cupid (the original series, not that current travesty on ABC) fanfic by Me!

"There comes a time, you must understand, surely, that there comes a time when the feeling of rejection accumulates. After being broken up with so many times, it builds up. You find the strength to dismiss it like so much dust on the sideboard, but then, a week later, there it is again, feeding on your insecurities, growing, gnawing at you. Oh, I suppose that's a mixed metaphor."The Scientist by moonlightnrain


"What would occur to him first upon waking the next morning would not be how very much the sunlight stung his eyes, nor the fact that a hangover was only slightly more bearable than the morning after a full moon, but that Severus Snape looked good... wet."The Rain by moonlightnrain

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