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I'm ridiculously proud of this one, it just came together *so* beautifully. Seriously, would love some feedback if you get a chance to give it a listen!

Red Ledger from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.

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Yeah ok I missed day 4, mostly because of dance practice so sorry about that. In order to make it up I've got not only fic recs but a piece of insanity shared with me by [livejournal.com profile] tersa.

First the crazy: This Loki & Thor Snuggle Blanket Puts You In The Middle Of A Norse God Sandwich. It truly must be seen to be believed. Don't suppose they make one with just Loki?

Ok so let's get back to the funny tonight with That was Mean. Why you should read it: the original prompt was what if Bruce was actually the most effective troll in the history of trolldom? I will just say Tony has a spit-take in this one and I very nearly did the same thing when I read that bit of the story. Seriously funny stuff.

“Steve, you know I’ll catch you up on anything you want to know, right? It’s the least I can do,” Bruce purred. Tony stared at his lab partner, trying to figure out what his game was.

“Well… there is one thing,” Steve opened up, spurred on by Bruce’s sweet guileless expression. “How does the internet work?”

Bruce took a deep breath, “That’s a really good question, Steve. Not dumb at all. The answer is that we really don’t know all the details, but basically the internet runs on something called ‘The Force’, which is an energy field that surrounds us and binds the universe together. Does that make sense?” Bruce asked the last question with an air of didactic concern, which would have made Tony reflect that he’d probably been a great college professor if his mind hadn’t been so busy reeling from the fact that under that sweet slightly rumpled exterior beat the heart of a stone cold troll.

“Yeah… I guess…”

“Now, some humans have special abilities to control the Force, and they’re called Jedi. They’re very powerful, and very good. You should actually see if you can get Fury to give us a couple for the team. I’d ask myself, but…” Bruce gestured at himself self deprecatingly, as if daring Steve to say Fury would pay attention to the ideas of a tipsy scientist/monster in a second hand suit.

Second is May the Fourth: So Tony invents lightsabers. Yeah, lightsabers. Clint and Tasha demand the first two prototypes, it just gets better from there.

When Tony arrives on the helicarrier the next morning, the Imperial March starts playing over the PA system every time he passes through a doorway.

Tony is going to find the person who arranged for that and offer them any job they want at SI, up to and including his own.

"Seriously?" says Bruce.

"Everything is proceeding as I have forseen it," says Tony, and sweeps off to find another door to enter.
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TV please stop teasing me with the fact that Avengers comes out on DVD/BR next week 'cause I know. I KNOW. I pre-ordered like the day after I first saw it. I'm going to be completely useless next weekend because I'm going to be doing nothing but watching the movie and the special features over and over again.

In the meantime more fic. Today I'm going dark with a couple of my favorite Bruce depression fics. The first deals with Bruce getting low and actively trying to work out a way to end his own life. If suicidal ideation is triggering for you please skip this one. Why should you read it? This is one of the most realistic and well written glimpses into a depressed mind that I've ever read. How the team finds out and how they pull together to deal with it, especially (oddly enough) Thor is amazing:


Second is an equally dark, if not darker story that really delves into the friendship between Tony and Bruce. The story starts with Tony suffering from a mystery ailment, the cause is enough to drive Bruce to absolute despair and Tony to desperation. Why you should read it: this one I've re-read at least half a dozen times and it makes me tear up every single time. Warning, depression and character death.

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Continuing my "God why isn't The Avengers out already?!" fic recs I give you: Silvertongue, a more lengthy and serious piece than I have been recommending thus far. I actually listened to the podfic version which is absolutely fantastic and highly, highly recommended.

Why you should read it: this fic manages to fix pretty much every plot hole in Thor and explain most if not all of Loki's actions in Avengers as well. And yeah, ok, so the story also pretty much redeems Loki and I may have a soft spot for Loki fic where he not only comes out as brilliant, three steps ahead of pretty much everyone, snarky, manipulative, petty, devious, driven and...kinda heroic. And uh, yeah I did cry at the end.

Frigga looks at Loki, and in her eyes he sees sadness, he sees loss, he sees grief... and love. In Frigga's eyes, Loki can see understanding, and for that he smiles again, grateful. She masks her expression, replacing it with a mask of polite disinterest, the quiet dignity of the crown. In silence, the Queen of Asgard turns her back on Loki.

In that moment, Loki feels blessed.

"Brother," Thor says. He is weeping, tears tracking down his cheeks. "Why... why are you doing this?"

It is the easiest lie that Loki has ever told.

He meets Thor's gaze, squarely, the bitter smile in place on his face, and Loki tells him, "Because I hate you, Thor. I always have." His gaze stays steady, unwavering, until Thor is the one to look away.
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Ok I just hurt myself laughing at this fic, seriously curled up fetal, couldn't breathe, the works:

Without the Usual Cost of Labor

“Okay,” Pepper says, loudly. “Moving on. What’s her name?”

“Baby,” Tony says.

“Princess America,” Thor says.

Bruce coughs. “I might have told him that,” he admits, when Natasha tilts her head.

“No,” she says.
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Just saw my first Avengers on DVD/Blu-ray commercial and I squeaked aloud. Oh yeah, I got it bad. In the meantime I'm making fanmixes like crazy and reading fic like there's no tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I really have to rec The Helicarrier:

avengers mockumentary fic. set half a year or so after the events of the movie.

"I run a Twitter account called Shit Thor Says." Tony holds the phone up to the camera. "It has over two hundred thousand followers."
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So this mix came together in like two days, mostly due to the fact that the Pandora Caro Emerald station made it almost too easy. This is part one of my Tony/Pepper two-mix set.

The Lady Has Arrived from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.

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Finally got this posted, two words for you "Electro" and "Swing", it had to be done:

Still Swingin' After All These Years: A Captain America Mix from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.

Also spent a couple of hours last night reading Loki fic while listening to Götterdämmerung, all I could think was "This feels right. It just feels right." I blame Rexluscus for posting so damn many fantastic recs on her journal. She even got me to read Hulk/Loki...and like it! *sigh*
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Used part of this long holiday weekend to get a couple of mixes finished up and today I got them uploaded so I'm now sharing them with you. I'm calling this "The Avengers Multi-Mix" because I'm basically doing a mix for each character...apparently. Though Clint and Natasha may share one because I 'ship them hardcore. So here's my Bruce mix (decidedly dark, be warned):

I Got Low: A Bruce Banner Mix from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.

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Seriously, I'm dying here. In the meantime, here's the Clint/Natasha vid I told you about, [livejournal.com profile] tersa:

and because it makes me happy, my all time favorite Avengers vid:

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I have to rec this one to everyone because the concept was so clever and so cleverly handled that I suspect others will enjoy it as much as I did:

Immortal Engines - The year is 1878 in a world that never was. Dirigibles ply the airways. Tony Stark is failing to invent artificial intelligence, Thor is attempting to be inconspicuous in a frontier saloon, Bruce is running away, Natasha and Clint are engaged in their own separate missions, and Steve Rogers has awoken to find himself a man out of time. When an enemy raises an army of deadly metal constructs, these six people must come together to save the world, and maybe just find themselves along the way.

Yeah, steampunk Avengers, baby. Complete with illustrations of all of the characters, I shit you not.
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Ok so it appears that having a great deal of time off (a week in my case) and having to basically sit still and recover (from surgery on my back) leaves me doing two things...first reading a lot of fanfic, second buying stuff I might not otherwise indulge in. In the latter case it was the Marvel Ultimate Blu-ray set and you can't buy that without buying the player on which the discs can be played, right?

It's a good thing I don't take more time off, it really is.

The other thing I've done a lot of recently is watching classic movies. Wednesday was Rita Hayworth day, yesterday Akira Kurosawa and today Lionel Barrymore. I am reminded that "You Can't Take it With You" is far and away my favorite Capra film. Far. And. Away. I am also reminded I should really own it. Possibly on Blu-ray...
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Finally got this mix to upload to 8Tracks.com properly. That site's getting buggy as heck lately. Anyway here it is:

The Other Guy - An Incredible Hulk Mix from ebonlock on 8tracks.

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Gah, still need an Avengers icon...Anyway here's the latest mix:

We're a Time-Bomb: An Avengers Mix from ebonlock on 8tracks.

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Ok, why do I not have an Avengers icon? I clearly need one, if anyone knows of any good ones of Bruce and/or Tony and/or their slutty girlfriend, Science, please let me know ASAP.

Also I've torn myself away from Tony/Bruce/Pepper fic long enough to fall madly in love with Lord Knows, It Would Be the First Time which basically picks up at the shawarma place and then goes careening off in its own utterly wonderful direction.

An excerpt:
It was at this point Clint finally spoke up. “Someone just promise me no more alien magic mind control or space-motorcycle aliens for at least 48 hours, you two can plot your plotty plots to take over the world or whatever in the meantime.” Which meant, in Clint-speak, that he’d take a nap, get up and make about a thousand chocolate waffles, and then go whine at Phil until Phil told him at least some of what was afoot.

Go. Read. Now.
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After a second viewing of The Avengers I came to a conclusion, much as I adore Tony Stark and love Iron Man my movie crush is definitely on Bruce Banner in this one. Also I prefer Mark's take on the character to Edward's, something I wouldn't have thought possible because man do I love me some Edward Norton. Still there's something so much more vulnerable and broken about the Bruce we see in The Avengers that I find utterly irresistible if I'm honest about it.

And I've found a new fandom OT3, Tony/Pepper/Bruce. I know, a little weird when you first think about it, but on a strange level it actually works. Or maybe I've just been lucky regarding the fics I've read in the genre so far...

Also saw Prometheus last night and my recommendation to everyone is...don't. I mean Michael Fassbender is fabulous in it and his character is far and away the most interesting in the film but even he can't carry this mess across the finish line single handedly. Let's just say I ended up laughing a lot more than I gasped or cringed. There was certainly enough of the gross to appeal to those who are looking for that, but the level of stupid of most of the characters kind of cancels out a lot of the good stuff buried beneath it. And this was the script that Ridley Scott thought was good enough to go with? Sad.
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In honor of my second viewing of The Avengers last night, I have to share this:

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M- and I dug up some old choreographies for her performance this weekend and astonishingly enough we remembered them all. It was crazy fun and we were both intensely proud of ourselves. Given that I don't think we'd danced either routine for at least six months and we nailed 'em both, I think we had a right to be ;) We've got one more practice on Thursday and that's mostly for finessy stuff, she'll bring her costume and veils and music and we'll do the whole thing, I'll video record it and she can make sure it looks the way she wants it to. Done and done. Yay!
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In an hour I'll be leaving to see a stage production of "The Lion in Winter" and I found out Depeche Mode is back in the studio and planning to tour again next year...Life is good.
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Not sure if I remembered to post this here, and I blame [livejournal.com profile] tersa entirely for this, but I actually broke down and made an utterly ridiculously sappy mix for my beloved Thane. God Mass Effect has eaten my soul! Well, ME2 anyway, ME1 is fine but there's no Thane, and ME3...well, it ain't gonna' be a happy ending, I know that much.

Anyway, "Don't Forget to Breathe" is my homage to my ME2 romance, Thane "Motherfuckin' Snakes on a Ship" Krios:

"I hear you calling to me
See you but you can't see me
We never said our goodbyes
So dark and lonely your eyes
You'll always be in my heart
There is no death to us part"

Don't Forget to Breathe...a Thane Krios Mix from ebonlock on 8tracks.

*And yes, the icon is my Maggie Shepard snuggling with her ninja because this game has turned me into a 14 year old girl.


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