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Very quickly, the election is over and I can now pay attention to things other than politics at least somewhat. I'm currently doing the work of both myself and my manager at work while my boss is in Florida living it up for three weeks. Cannot wait until he gets back next week, seriously, the amount of nonsense he has to wade through daily is almost appalling. Wow.

Anyway, aside from that the epic fic that has eaten me alive pretty much this entire year is topping 65,000 words but has finally reached a major crisis point and I haven't quite managed to break it yet. Maybe, just maybe, I'll squeak by with my plot points intact. Not sure I'll make my goal for finishing it by year's end but I have to cling to my hope. I've enjoyed writing it, don't get me wrong, but I'm really kind of ready for it to be done.

I'm also in the process of wrapping up a few more fanmixes including a Fem!Tony and Lady Loki mix because...oh hell I don't even know aside from the fact that I listened to a fun Toni/Loki pocfic and apparently I can't control my fanmix habit any longer. Well, first step is admitting you have a problem I guess.

Hey speaking of fic, I really need to point people at Pareidolia which is a WIP (be forewarned) but is absolutely amazing so far. Seriously, I'm tempted to ask the author if she's actually a published author and just posting some fun Marvel fic on the side:

That morning in Central Park should have been the end of it. Should have been the end of Loki and his Chitauri horde and threats of destruction from alien universes. Tony Stark has approximately ten hours of believing that’s true. Ten glorious hours of believing that all might be once again right with the world or least on the path to being. But things rarely go as they should, much less as he’d hoped they would. The woman with the bright green eyes proves that when she appears on his doorstep with her unconscious burden.

Something is moving in the darkness, a new threat that could destroy them all and soon Tony discovers that not only do things rarely go as the should, but sometimes the most unlikely of all men hold the key to salvation. Trying to trust an enemy is never easy though, not even when your life might well and truly depend on it.

If you want some quality story telling with incredible characterization you've got to give this story a look-see. I mean the story starts with Loki falling and you get to experience it through his eyes. Then there's Tony snark, and OMG Bruce being all paranoid and brilliant and god I need more of it right the hell now! Go read it. Seriously. Now. Go!
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